Top Ten of 2013

Is 2013 really at it's end?  It feels like a minute has past since I sat down to write my 2012 Top Ten list and it's already time to write another?  2013 was a lot calmer than 2012 and I thought I would have trouble coming up with 10 significant events, but as it turns out I had a hard time narrowing my list down to only 10 things.  Going back and thinking about my year has left me with a really good feeling about where my life is at the moment.  Some years (a-hem, 2011) I'm upset that I didn't accomplish more with the year, and other years (2010 and 2012) I've had almost too many things to choose from.  This year felt a lot more relaxed, but still accomplished.  I hope I can continue this momentum through 2014.

The rules:  Come up with a list of 10 significant things that happened to you in 2013.  They don't necessarily have to be good things or major things, just significant to you.  You can only have 10 things on your list, no more-no less.
  1. making it through our first full year of parenthood
  2. continuing the construction on our house, especially our kitchen (someday I might actually post about our projects) you can read about some here, here, and here.
  3. the Polar Express
  4. the New Kids on the Block concert
  5. attending Blog Elevated (now to just apply what I learned) and connecting in real life with other bloggers
  6. finding an acceptable work/life balance, despite being so painfully strapped for cash
  7. visiting my Mom once a month so she can see Jack grow up
  8. unpacking a significant portion of the house (seriously, why did I not post more about this?!?)
  9. completing six months of contract work from home in my pajamas
  10. becoming a more dedicated blogger and finally starting to find my voice - sort of
If you're reading this and want to make a Top Ten list, please share it with me!  I'd love to read them.

Happy 2014!


  1. Looks like a great 2013! Happy new year!

  2. I'm just amazed that you manage to balance blogging, taking care of your son, being married, working, home improvements... gah, I can't even!

  3. Thank you!

    Balanced isn't exactly how I would describe anything about my life, though. One thing that has helped me this year is not bringing our television with us to the new house. I had quite the cable addiction and it's amazing how much more time I have on my hands (even when I loose hours online) without the distraction of the boob tube.


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