Twelve Days of Christmas: Santa Claus

I'm really excited for this holiday season.  Last year was actually Jack's first Christmas, but being a preemie, we were pretty limited with where we could go with him and what we could do.  I would've loved to have newborn pics with Santa last year, but since kids are all covered in pestilence, I couldn't risk Jack getting sick just for a photo opportunity.  So, needless to say, I was over the moon yesterday when Dennis and I took Jack to the Galleria to meet Santa.  Although Jack actually met Santa for the first time on the Polar Express last month, he didn't really have time for a great photo opp.

I'm really relieved that Jack didn't burst into tears when we sat him on Santa's lap.  He was a little confused at first, and Santa didn't really say anything to him/us (I think he was trying not to freak out Jack - just be still and maybe he won't notice I'm a strange person), but after a few seconds, we got a great smile out of Jack.  The background was a little lacking, so I spruced it up using an online photo editor; not the best job in the world, but I'm no photo editing professional!  Ha!

I have always loved Santa Claus.  In fact, Santa still visits me every year.  I always make sure to spend Christmas Eve at my Mom's house so he'll know where to find me.  I never get over the excitement of coming down the stairs on Christmas morning to see what gifts are waiting under the tree.  When I was about 16 my Mom and I had this conversation about Santa:

M:  We need to talk about Santa.
J:  No we don't.
M:  Jess, you do know that I---
J:  Shhhh!  I said I don't want to talk about that.
M:  But you do know, right.
J:  I know I really like "Santa" to visit me.
M:  Well, "Santa" really likes visiting.
J:  Good, so "Santa's" going to keep showing up.
M:  "Santa" would love to.
J:  Well, then, that's settled.

I hope my immaturity seeps into Jack and he can find magic and wonder in Christmas as long as I have.  Santa now visits Jack, Dennis, Mom, and me on Christmas Eve.

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