Couch to 5K: Week 2

Alright, I finished another week of the Couch to 5K program.  So far, so good, but I've never made it past Week 3 Day 1, so it's important that I make it through next week!  Getting out and running hasn't felt like it's taken as much effort as years past, which is surprising considering I now have to get Jack ready as well as myself and I have to bring the stroller and extra baby stuff with me.  Maybe I'm just more motivated this time around.  I'm definitely enjoying myself more than during previous attempts at becoming a runner; I'm sure that's helping, too.  Hopefully I can stick with this.

Day 1:  I was actually surprised at how good I felt this day.  I ran on Sunday (Week 1, Day 3), and then turned right back around and ran again on Monday (Week 2, Day 1).  I didn't know how I would feel, but I really want to only run on weekdays; the park is just too crowded on weekends.  I figured it would be best to start a M-W-F schedule as soon as possible (before the runs get too hard), so out we went.  And I felt great!!  My legs weren't heavy at all and the increase in running time was manageable.  I was also really surprised at my running pace.  In just one week, and without even trying, I shaved off an entire minute from my pace!  That's a huge improvement!!!  But I do question my phone's GPS.  Is that pace for real real?  Also, no neck pain like last week.

Day 2:  The weather was playing head games with me today.  The morning started off pretty chilly, and I totally meant to get out there much earlier than we did, but sometimes it's impossible to leave the house on time with a baby.  By the time we made it to the park, things had warmed up considerably and I was dressed all wrong.  And Jack had fallen asleep on the 5 minute drive there (seriously).  I somehow managed to get him from the carseat into the stroller without waking him (whhhhat?!?), and somehow also managed to log my longest distance and fastest speed to date (hahaha, to date, all 5 days of running).  I think the increase in humidity made it easier for me to breathe, making it easier for me to run.  Jack slept the whole time.

Day 3:  Day 3 was supposed to be on Friday, but that Polar Vortex thing was here and Houstonians lost their minds.  It was below freezing for somewhere between 36 and 48 hours (plus some freezing precipitation) and the city pretty much shut down.  Granted, none of us are prepared to drive in that kind of weather, so we shouldn't, but you'd think the world was ending.  I wouldn't have had a problem going running in the cold (and probably would've liked it), but there was no way I was taking Jack out in the freezing rain.  Instead, we went out today, in 66 degree weather.  Yes, it was icy and below freezing just 2 days ago.  That's Houston (and global warming) for you.  For some reason I wasn't as enthusiastic today.  I wanted to run and didn't have to force myself to go or anything, but I still just felt meh about it.  The run portions felt harder to get through today, too.  Maybe it was the wind.  Maybe I was overthinking weeks to come and making things harder on myself.  Maybe I was just tired.  I did manage to keep on track with my pace, though.  At least the park wasn't too crowded.  I will say that 66 degrees felt hot.  I don't know what I'm going to do this summer when it gets into the 90's and above.  Put ice in my shoes?

Overall, I feel really good about this week.  I haven't been sore after any of my runs (surprisingly) and I haven't once thought my heart would explode, so that's good.  I am a little nervous about next week's runs, as I haven't made it past Week 3, Day 1 (I'm even more worried about Week 4!!!), but I think that's really more mental than physical.  I have this uncanny knack to know when I've been running for about 30 seconds and then I really want to walk (even though I don't really need to walk), and I won't let myself.  But running for an additional minute isn't that hard (the runs are only 90 seconds this week).  When I start reaching the 30 second mark and I still have minutes to run will be another story.  Here's to tomorrow, cause I really am going to run M-W-F this week.  Polar Vortices be damned!!!


  1. I think it is easier to go out with a puppy or a child than by yourself. That is just my personal feelings on that. When I've gone with running with a dog it just felt easier to do it more often than trying to go out by myself.

    I'm happy that you are managing to stay on task with this! I have become such a couch potato this winter, I find it hard to motivate myself when I'm cold.

  2. I agree! I never looked into this, but I heard of a service where you could rent a dog for a couple of hours at a time. Great for people who don't have the time commitment for an animal, but still want that connection. I thought about renting a dog for my runs before I had the baby.


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