The American Standard Tub of Our Dreams

We finally went out and bought a new tub to replace our tenants' cracked and leaking tub.  It's not exactly the tub of our dreams, but it is nice and affordable, and we hope our tenants like it.  We went to both Home Depot (our go-to store) and Lowe's (our once in a blue moon store) and ended up going with an American Standard tub with a curved apron from Lowe's that allows for more bathing room.  The base of the tub is still a standard size so installation shouldn't be too difficult, but the curved apron really adds a lot of room.  Our tenants complained about how narrow their tub was and how little room they had because of the glass shower doors so this seemed like the perfect solution.  We also opted to not get shower doors for two reasons:  1) we don't like them and neither do our tenants, and 2) they're hella expensive.  Instead we got a curved shower rod for a shower curtain.

We've been going back and forth whether or not to go with a fiberglass tub surround or installing tile ourselves.  Neither of us really like the tub surrounds.  Even the nicest ones look cheap to us.  The cost of tile is comparable to tub surrounds and looks so much better.  Plus I've been wanting to learn how to tile (I plan on adding a tile backsplash in the kitchen someday).  You'd think all these reasons would've led us to go with tile, but when you factor in time constraints, we pretty much have no other choice than to go with the tub surround.  This project needs to happen, and fast.  If it were our own bathroom, we could justify taking extra time and living with the inevitable setbacks that come with a steep learning curve for some DIY projects, but we don't want our tenants to be out of a bathtub/shower for any longer than they have to while we get the work done.  So, tub surround it is.

Jack approves.


  1. I hate shower doors too. Just collectors of gunk :( I love the curved tub though, hadn't seen that before!

    Your sun with that little hat and hammer is just too cute, he would sell me on any tub :)

  2. We'd never seen the curved tub before, either. I'm actually surprised they're not more common with the popularity of curved shower curtain rods.

    Jack gets so excited about tools. He always seems to have a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, or drill in his hands, and my husband lets him "help" operate some of the power tools whenever he's doing a project around the house!

  3. I dig it; I kinda like the curved side thing. And oh my gosh what cute pics of your little man "testing" it. :)


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