The Leaky Ceiling

Remember when we came home on January 1st to a leaky bathroom ceiling?  Well, let me bring you up to speed in case you missed it.  We came home from our friends Roger and Liz's to find our bathroom ceiling leaking and water all over the place.  Fun.  Not exactly the way we wanted to kick off the New Year.  Here's a non-Instagramed picture I snapped.  Lovely, isn't it?  Just what every homeowner wants to come home to.

Our initial worry was that the plumbing in the ceiling had sprung a leak and we were about to have to undertake a huge ripping out of our ceiling/our tenant's floor and possibly having to gut our bathroom in the process.  A complete redo of our bathroom is definitely on our very long to-do list (and it's on my 101 list), but bathrooms are crazy expensive and we just aren't in the position to tackle a project of that scale right now.  Or at least not tackle it the way we would want to. We could probably slap something together on a budget, but it wouldn't be any better than what we have now and we want to do it up right.  Needless to say, we were less than thrilled at this turn of events.

Dennis called the tenants to arrange a time to investigate the source of the leak.  Luckily, they were home and he was able to go right upstairs and see what was going on.  It didn't take very long to figure things out.  The fiberglass tub upstairs had somehow gotten cracked, so water was leaking right out the tub and through our ceiling.  Not great, but not as bad of a problem as we were expecting.  Dennis thought he could quickly patch the crack until we could buy a new tub for a permanent fix, so we headed out on a Family Trip to Home Depot.

We picked up some stuff that for the life of me I can't remember the name of (helpful, I know).  And we didn't take a picture of it (d'oh!).  Basically it was fiberglass tape that you get wet and it sticks to itself, then it hardens and becomes waterproof.  It reminded me of the brightly colored material doctor's use to make casts out of.  Unfortunately, the fiberglass tape didn't adhere to the tub at all.  It stuck to itself, and it hardened right up, but that didn't do us any good at all.  Luckily, Dennis happened to have a can of Rustoleum LeakSeal and that seemed to do the trick.  And the cats approve.

For a few days.

Then it peeled up and started leaking again.  But it left a really nice clean spot on the tub.  And Dennis managed to get a nice picture of the crack while he was putting another coat of LeakSeal on the crack.  Now it just has to hold for a few more days until Dennis is done working his night shift and has a handful of days off in a row to take out the old tub and install the new one.

We still aren't sure if we're going to tile the tub walls or get one of those plastic molded glue-on kits, but we definitely need to decide soon.  I want to learn how to tile, but if it looks like we're running short on time,molded walls will probably win out (even if we don't like the look as much).  We'll know in just a few days what the best option will be.  Now to look for tubs.

Let the hunt begin!


  1. At least the problem isn't as bad as you thought! Our water main decided to break one day before work and I was afraid they were going to have to go through the driveway to fix it. Luckily not but it still came out to about 3000. Super sad face. But I did get to come home to a bunch of hot young guys lounging in my yard :D

  2. Ouch! We're hoping to get out of this mess for around $700 (fingers crossed). But if I had to spend more, I would definitely expect a yard full of hot guys. Oh, the joys of home ownership.....

  3. The only good thing about this is it's a project we HAVE to finish, so we'll at least come away with a feeling of accomplishment that will hopefully sling shot us onward to other home tasks.

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