Well, I've been talking about it for what feels like forever (especially in real life), but I finally did it.  I chopped off all my hair.  I spent 9 months thinking about what it would be like to cut my hair.  I worried, I weighed the pros and cons, I talked myself into it and out of it, and then finally, finally, I picked up the phone and made an appointment with my hairdresser (then had 3 more weeks to worry over my decision).  It took a lot of courage considering I've always had super long hair and I decided not to go with a flapper girl bob, but with a super short pixie cut instead.  Go big or go home, right?

I'm really surprised I went through with it.  Some people suggested I just cut a little off every few months to see if I liked having shorter and shorter hair, but I'm pretty much an all or nothing type person.  Plus if I chopped a little off at a time I wouldn't have my long braid to keep to commemorate such a huge change.  I would've loved to donate my hair, but it's been color processed and places won't accept anything except natural hair.  Bummer because such long hair is so hard to come by (and the wig makers are just going to color process it anyway).

I was surprisingly calm as my appointment date neared.  I would have moments of sheer panic as the date raced towards me, but everyone around me was 100% supportive and understanding of my little moments of crazy.  For the most part I was pretty Zen about the whole thing.  Dennis knew I would need someone there with me (in the extreme likelihood of my inevitable tears), so he went in to work extra early the day of my appointment and got off early enough to make my appointment.  I have the best husband ever.

As nervous as I was all week leading up to the big day, once I actually sat in the chair, I felt okay.  When Ricky, my hairdresser, started cutting my braid, I thought I was going to panic, freak out, and immediately regret my decision.  But I was okay, and actually felt pretty good.  It's only been a couple of days since The Cut and I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I feel about the whole thing.  I like having short hair, though.  I definitely don't regret my decision.  I think my bangs ended up a little too short, and the back ended up a little too long (I like the length of my bangs in the lower right hand picture), but hair grows (and can be cut), so I'm going to have fun playing with my hair as it grows and changes.

Here's to another thing done on my 101 list!  Now let the growing begin!


  1. SO CUTE! I'm glad that you were brave enough to do this :) I am not very sentimental about my hair but have learned that it is a big deal to most girls. I sported an almost buzz cut once, just because... I don't think I really have the face for that though, lols. I think I will eventually cut my hair short and just sport my curls because that is so much easier.

    But seriously, your hair is adorable!

  2. Thank you! I'm slowly getting used to it, but I definitely LOVE having short hair! I'm super sentimental about my hair, but I think it's going to be so much fun growing it back out that when it gets long again, I might just cut it all off again!

  3. That's so kind of you to say! I was terrified in the days leading up to the Big Chop, but once I was in the chair, I just kind of Zen-ed out and enjoyed the ride!


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