Day in the Life, March 1, 2014

OMG, is it really March already?!?  And did I really just use "OMG" on my blog?  Seriously, February flew by (as demonstrated by my lack of posting), but one thing remains constant around here.  My Day in the Life, photo an hour project.  I just love documenting my days like this!  Jack and I are visiting my Mom this weekend, and we somehow took the opportunity to sleep in way late.  It was glorious!  As always, I take my pictures with Instagram, and while the feed is still private, I'm thinking of going public.  We'll see....

10 am
my days always start with coffee

11 am

12 pm

1 pm
time to run

2 pm

3 pm

4 pm
King Cakes

5 pm
Thrifty Peanut

6 pm
playing with helping Grandma

7 pm

8 pm

9 pm

10 pm
still going strong
he drank some of my iced tea at lunch
said iced tea was obviously caffeinated

11 pm

12 am

Jack still nurses through the night.  Only last night, he slept for 7 straight hours!!!  Maybe from now on I'll give him some iced tea in the afternoon and let him crash later than his normal bedtime if it means 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep!  (disclaimer:  I'm only kidding!!!  I'd never purposely caffeinate Jack so he'd sleep at night!!!  Don't freak out on me!!!)  I was still pretty groggy at 7 and forgot to get a pic.

8 am
it all comes back to coffee
So that was my fantastic day!  I love how often I get to visit my Mom.  It's so important that she gets to know Jack and they seriously have so much fun together.  Jack doesn't even want to hang out with me when she's around!  He's all about Grandma.

Song of the Day:


  1. Ha ha...I loved the little typist video...and when I saw the instagram feed and it was all "still going strong..." an hour later... "still going..." and then he crashed I laughed and actually said to myself "finally! That poor girl must be exhausted!" --and then your hashtag was #FINALLY and I laughed super hard. This was an awesome DITL.

  2. Nothing marks the passage of time like a baby; your son is getting so big already!

  3. OMG, I thought he'd never get to sleep! At least I was at my Mom's and she was more than willing to occupy him. And at least he wasn't cranky. I don't care if he naps or gets to sleep early as long as he isn't cranky!

  4. I know! It freaks me out to see how big he's getting. My MIL is a tiny lady and he's literally half her height already. They were waving good-bye to me as I was leaving for work the other day when I noticed, and I practically cried on my way to work.


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