I'm a Bad Blogger

I have a confession to make.  In case you haven't noticed (or are new here - Hi!), I am not always a consistent blogger.  I'll post and post and post, and then I drop off the face of the earth.  January was a great month for me.  I posted consistently, I read and commented on other blogs, I dabbled (not so well) with other social media, and then I did what I sometimes do.  I didn't have a chance to write when I wanted to write - or more like when the inspiration hit me - and that derailed me.  I'm trying to not let minor setbacks make things come to a grinding halt, but sometimes that happens.  It's happening less and less at least.  Hey, I'm human!  So I'm back (I think), and will *hopefully* be able to catch up around here.  I'm at my Mom's this weekend, so I'll be posting a belated February wrap-up when I get home, and I will spam the crap out of this blog with my running updates; yes, I'm actually still running.  At least that didn't get derailed!

So say it with me, "One, two, three, foor"  Let's get writing!!!

Reinvention, right?!?

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  1. I think blogging should be natural and happen as you feel like it, well, that is my idea with my blog. I love it as a hobby, but if I come up blank on ideas I have to remind myself that is okay. So this week I have nothing!

  2. I think my current frustration lies in the fact that I have a ton of inspiration, but no time to write! I know I'll never have an "editorial calendar" or anything and if I don't have anything to say I'm not going to force it, but when the creative juices are flowing and I don't get a chance to write it drives me crazy!

  3. Ah, yeah I think that is more of a problem than not having any ideas!


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