Kitchen Month

It's been a while since I've posted anything regarding our ongoing DIY home projects.  That's because we've hit a lull both financially and motivationally.  We still aren't 100% done with our bathroom after the ceiling leaked, we can't afford to do any of the huge projects around here right now, and all the little projects are just hard to start because we have so many of them it's overwhelming.  So I decided to proclaim this month to be Kitchen Month.

By and large, the kitchen has had the most work done to it, and would prove to be the most rewarding to actually get close to finishing (aside for some projects that cost $$$ that just isn't in our coffers at the moment).  I've decided to focus on all those little projects left to do in the kitchen, like finishing unpacking those last few boxes, painting the cabinets, decluttering, and actually doing a little decorating.  Expect to see several kitchen themed posts around here including what I'm currently working on and bringing you up to speed on the projects we've completed but I haven't written about.

Here's a list of what I'd like to accomplish this month.  I'm sure I'm leaving out some stuff and I'm also probably listing things I just won't be able to do because of both time and money constraints, but Jack is napping and I want to get this out of my head before he wakes up.  Hopefully, I'll be able to:

  • paint the kitchen cabinets
  • finish unpacking the few kitchen boxes that are left (i.e. find an appropriate home for everything)
  • finally bring over the remaining kitchen stuff from the old house (I know, I know, we still have stuff at the old house)
  • only put functional/pretty things on the new open shelves
  • write a post about the new open shelves
  • clear counters
  • post about our solution to our Ikea pantry that didn't fit (and yes, that happened almost a year ago SPOILER ALERT:  we didn't have to tear out the ceiling)
  • post about the new cabinets behind the stove
  • (maybe) sew curtains (or at least pick fabric?)
  • finish installing the quarter round
  • paint all trim
  • purchase and install crown molding on new cabinets to match slightly less new cabinets
  • purchase and install toe kick under new pantry cabinet
  • purchase and install plinth between pantry and wall
  • install new kitchen lights
  • purchase and install above fridge cabinet (I know we can't afford this right now, but I can dream)
  • build catwalks (again, we aren't going to have the money/time for this, but it's part of the long term plan)
  • install tile backsplash (again, no money, but part of the long term plan)
  • make/purchase spice rack (again, money)
  • post about our "mudroom" solution at the back door
  • hang clock and wall art
  • get wall art from old house (I know, I know)
  • make snack station and spot for Jack's kitchen toys
Okay, that's a pretty extensive list.  It should be interesting to see how much we're actually able to get done.  I did actually put "Paint Kitchen" on our family calendar, but fun stuff always seems to come up and we push our serious stuff to the side to have fun.  Not that that's always bad, but it's a quick way to not get anything done!  And I want to see some results!!!  After all, all the best parties happen in the kitchen.


  1. Wow that is a long list!!! I love that you do it all yourselves though :) I'm going to practice my non DIY skills in my garage first so my mistakes won't matter so much.

    Love before and afters, so looking forward to any minute progress!

  2. The list is much longer than we'll actually be able to get through. And if I really sat down and thought about it, would probably be even longer! DIY skills are both a blessing and a curse. My husband says if we didn't know how to do so many things we'd probably be motivated enough to make more money so we could hire someone else to do it.

    The garage sounds like a great place to start. We make A LOT of DIY blunders, but the good thing is we can always try again and re-do it all later. I want to see what you do to your garage, too!


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