March Wrap-Up and Photo Dump

Good-bye, March; Hello, April!  Time is flying by as usual, and it's already time for another monthly wrap-up and photo dump, as well as my photo an hour project, which if you follow me on Instagram (and really, you should), you would know is currently underway.

March was better to me (as far as blogging is concerned anyway) than February, but not as good as January.  I'm not sure how far behind I am on my 101 in 1,001 goal of 150 blog posts for the year, but I'd better get cracking and keep cracking if I'm going to make it to that goal.  I have so many things I want to write about, but I find myself so short on time sometimes.  I'm not sure if I'd rather have writer's block or no time to write.  So what did I manage to write about in March, you ask?  I celebrated Mardi Gras with my Mom, ran in my first 5K, participated in the Literary Junkies Link-Up (and forgot to link-up, duh), and went to the Houston Children's Festival.

So what didn't make it onto the blog?  As usual, lots of stuff, and just because it's part of the photo dump, doesn't mean it won't make it into a post.  Okay, who are we kidding, these things probably won't become posts of their own, even though they should.  Only time will tell.  There's still stuff I want to write about from February.  My entire chalkboard is covered with post ideas.  I guess I'll just have to quit sleeping and just write.

It was snowing when I left my mom's house on March 3rd.  Let me repeat that:  It was snowing when I left my mom's house on March Louisiana.  I guess Puxatony Phil was right.

Jack and I both got sick with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  Thankfully, Jack only got the mouth part (which was bad enough), but I was lucky enough to suffer through all the symptoms of this heinous disease.  It's just as bad as it sounds, and there are only a few people who I would wish this hell on.

Jack is now officially walking.  One morning, he just stood up and started doing loops through the house.  I guess I now officially have a toddler.

Jack has also been helping in the kitchen.  Poor Dennis can't cook a meal without finding a way for Jack to help.  The upside is that Jack will be able to cook when he's older and Dennis won't have to!

We finally got new dressers from Ikea and Jack helped us assemble them.  I can finally get all my clothes out of boxes!!!  I am so excited.

Dennis put down some gravel in our side yard so he won't tear up the ground when he parks there.  Jack helped him and was very excited about it.

The weather also finally got nice enough to open some windows.  The cats were working together to figure out a jail break so we had to close the windows again.  Damn cats.

I was also lucky enough to score a free jogging/bike stroller thanks to a listing on Next Door.  Jack approves.

And we all celebrated Den's birthday with breakfast at Natachee's a day at the Bayou City Arts Festival (where I somehow managed to not take a single picture, but I did find this great slideshow), then dinner at the Kemah Boardwalk.  Jack really liked playing in the sandbox at Natachee's and pretending to be a ship's captain at the Boardwalk.

So that's about it for March.  I'd better get busy with April!


  1. I just want to say that I really love how you and your husband seem to involve your son in everything you do!

    So many kitties! We have one that likes to climb screens so we have to be careful with leaving windows open unattended.

  2. Jack is definitely our little partner in crime, lol. We always said that when we finally had kids that we would just take them with us wherever we went and involve them in whatever we were doing. So far, it's really worked out for us, and besides, I don't think Jack would let us NOT involve him in everything. He's very insistent that he participate.

    Our cats used to be indoor/outdoor cats when we lived at our old house in the country. Now we live in the city and there's no way they can go outside; they just don't have city cat street smarts. Last spring, we had one of our cats claw through the screen in bedroom. Luckily, Dennis was outside and nabbed the perp almost immediately. We don't really open our windows after that incident. But we are about to replace some of the screens with pet proof screen, so we'll see how that works out.

  3. Yeah...ours get excited over birdies and they claw at screens so we have to be careful, too.

  4. I loved these! The rocks video was awesome! Gave me all the smiles for the day! Jail break cats...heh heh.

  5. Dennis found a "pet proof" screen at Home Depot that he's going to replace our regular screens with. It's supposedly scratch proof and push proof, but only time will tell

  6. I would be very interested to know how these work.

  7. Well, we just tested them out, and they are claw proof, but one of our cats, Squeak, is still too clever, and managed to pop the screen out of the window enough to escape yet again. Thankfully, just like last time, my husband was outside and pretty much caught him in the act.....damn cats.....


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