April Wrap-Up and Photo Dump, Plus a Kitchen Report

April was a busy month.  A very busy month.  It's now the end of my self declared Kitchen Month, and it looks like Kitchen Month will be extended into May.  I'm not terribly surprised because I gave myself a monstrous list of things to accomplish (including things Dennis didn't expect to be added to his honey-do list), but we did alright.  Especially considering Jack has been sick off and on for the last 2 weeks which significantly puts a damper on our ability to get stuff done around the house.  And several times during the month, we chose to do fun family stuff instead of staying home and working on things.....which is okay.  I'd rather live with the house in chaos a little longer to go out and enjoy fun things as a family.

I wasn't able to cross off many more things after my mid-month Kitchen Progress Report, but here's where I am on that crazy to-do list:

  • paint the kitchen cabinets  in progress (seriously, still in progress)
  • finish unpacking the few kitchen boxes that are left (i.e. find an appropriate home for everything)
  • finally bring over the remaining kitchen stuff from the old house (I know, I know, we still have stuff at the old house)  okay, so there are still a couple of random things there, but this is close enough to being done for me to say it's done
  • only put functional/pretty things on the new open shelves I know I will change what's on the shelves, but it works for now
  • write a post about the new open shelves
  • clear counters but then they got messy again....work in progress
  • post about our solution to our Ikea pantry that didn't fit (and yes, that happened almost a year ago SPOILER ALERT:  we didn't have to tear out the ceiling)
  • post about the new cabinets behind the stove
  • (maybe) sew curtains (or at least pick fabric?)
  • finish installing the quarter round
  • paint all trim
  • purchase and install crown molding on new cabinets to match slightly less new cabinets
  • purchase and install toe kick under new pantry cabinet
  • purchase and install plinth between pantry and wall
  • install new kitchen lights
  • purchase and install above fridge cabinet (I know we can't afford this right now, but I can dream)
  • build catwalks (again, we aren't going to have the money/time for this, but it's part of the long term plan)
  • install tile backsplash (again, no money, but part of the long term plan)
  • make/purchase spice rack* (again, money)
  • post about our "mudroom" solution at the back door
  • hang clock and wall art
  • get wall art from old house (I know, I know)  I went looking for the art I wanted and couldn't find it....and now as I'm typing this, I think I remember where I put it at the old place.....
  • make snack station and spot for Jack's kitchen toys
Right now, if I can just finish with the painting, I'll feel good.  That way I can at least put the kitchen back together and feel like I've accomplished something.  Soon.  It will happen soon.

What else distracted me this month?  Easter:  Jack saw the Easter Bunny (and it went surprisingly well), and I got to wear a cute Easter dress.  And, I have to wade through over 700 pictures for the photo dump....here goes....

The weather has been wonderfully unseasonable nice for Houston and we've tried to capitalize on that as much as we can.  Jack and I have been spending lots of time at Hermann Park, and now that he's got this whole walking thing down, we had a blast playing in The Nest.

He's also getting really good at playing at the playground.

Jack thinks spaghetti is really funny.

My MIL gave me a picture of Dennis when he was 18 months....I am now convinced that we had my husband cloned as a redhead.  I seriously thought my MIL had taken Jack for portraits and was very confused because he doesn't have an outfit like this one:

To whomever invented these grocery carts, I love you.

We had to get creative to entertain Jack in the car.  Music lessons are in his future.

Our lawnmower wouldn't start, so Dennis and Jack tried to fix it.

There's lots of construction going on in part of Hermann Park.  One day on my run, I saw the construction crew relocating a full grown oak tree.  It was cray-cray.

Easter!!!  This really should get it's own post....
this photo is courtesy of my B-I-L, Steve 

The Walking Dead Escape!!!  This should really get it's own post, too....

Jack has been a finicky eater lately, especially being sick, but he LOVES fries.  And he wants you to love them, too.

I have also amassed even more evidence that my son thinks he's one of the cats.  We need to start going on some play dates...

Jack also turned 18 months old this month.  I can't believe it!  I took a wonderful idea from Victoria over at Poverty Luxe, and decided to celebrate his half birthday.  Growing up an only child, I was very into birthdays and always noted my own half birthday, so I thought this would be a fun tradition to start.  I planned Jack's favorite dinner and I bought a cake mix.  Our day was crazy busy that day; it happened to fall on my busiest day of the week, and Dennis was working a night shift.  My plan was to cook dinner that morning and package it up so Jack and I could take it to Den's work and we could all eat dinner together.  I dropped Jack at my MIL's (who kindly baked the cake for me - I had to delegate; I was running out of time!), but that evening, when I picked him up, Jack was running quite a fever and was feeling horrible.  Dinner plans had to be cancelled and nothing was celebrated.  I felt so bad for Jack.  The very first time he ever got sick was the day before his first birthday, and now he was sick for his half birthday.  Oh well, guess we'll just have to try again next year.

One new addition to my blog is advertising and swapping.  I'm not 100% ready to charge for advertisements, but I'm all about swapping sidebar ads.  Click the link at the top and it'll take you to my Passionfruit store.  Let's share the love!!!

I've also decided to take on the Blog Every Day in May challenge from Rosalilium.  I probably won't be following all of the writing prompts, but it's nice to have inspiration at my fingertips if I'm feeling blocked.  I've definitely got plenty of exciting things to write about!  There have been some awesome stuff going on behind the scenes here, and I can't wait to spill the beans!  Good things are happening, so stay tuned!!!

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  1. I love that you try to do so many special things for you son! I'm sure he will appreciate all the effort when he is older :)

    Your son is king of the faces, so expressive! I don't have children but when do you start to see their sense of humor? I feel like he will be such a charismatic joker :)

    And that is crazy how similar they look???


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