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My mom is crazy obsessed with The Walking Dead.  It's her favorite show right now, and she NEVER misses an episode.  Ever.  So, naturally, when I told her The Walking Dead Escape was coming to Houston, she obsessed over that for weeks before deciding that she simply could NOT pass up the opportunity to be a Walker.  And not wanting to be a Walker alone, she bought both of us tickets.

Now, what is The Walking Dead Escape, you ask?  It's a post-apocalyptic obstacle course where Survivors run from Walkers.  Well, not necessarily run, but more like run, dodge, avoid, sneak past, out-smart, and escape from The Horde of Walkers.  All while not trying to lose their minds or become infected.  Good times!

Mom and I had to arrive 2 hours before our scheduled time to be on the course so we could get into full zombie makeup.  I'm no stranger to zombification and it was nice for once to not have to do my own makeup.  We got a quick lesson on how to be zombies, and then we were released onto the course.

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We got to shamble and moan and search for braaiiiiiins for about 2 hours on the course.  We were in a prime location, too.  The Horde we were in was the very first LARGE group of Walkers that all the Survivors encountered, and our location was perfect for creating a bottleneck that Survivors had to really swerve, twist, and get crafty to get past us.  It was so satisfying to scare the crap out of everyone.  The whole thing was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

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Dennis and Jack came as spectators to cheer us on....although they didn't know which obstacle we were stationed at.  They probably saw us, but didn't realize it.  There were HUNDREDS of Walkers, so it wasn't exactly easy to pick us out of the Horde.  I was a little worried that Jack would get scared, but Dennis said he was fascinated by everything.  When we met up with them after we were done trying to eat Survivors, and at first, Jack was really confused by me and Mom.  He didn't recognize us, but as soon as he heard our voices he figured out who we were he ran right to us.  And he had no problem whatsoever requesting a little boobie time.

see, he wasn't even phased that I was trying to eat his brains 


Apparently, while waiting for Mom and I to get done, Jack started photobombing people when they were standing in front of The Walking Dead Escape backdrop.  It would've been great if we had remembered the makeup we were going to use to turn Jack into a little Walker.

Afterwards, we all went out to dinner; Mom and I still in full makeup.  Somehow NOBODY said anything about our appearance.  We even rode on the MetroRail and nobody said anything.  We hardly even got weird looks.  People these days....

I REALLY hope The Walking Dead Escape comes back to Houston.  And if when it does, I'm absolutely going to do this again.  Only next time, I'm going to pay a little extra to run the course as a Survivor first, then get turned into a Walker.  If this event is coming to a city anywhere near you, you should definitely check it out!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the Walking Dead show (always have to watch Talking Dead after it with Chris Hardwick), my husband has all the graphic novels as well. This looks like a blast and I'm glad your son wasn't scared!


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