I'm Still Alive!

Summer 2013

I know, I know.....I kinda just dropped off the face of the blogosphere back in May, but everything is okay, I promise.  I was feeling kinda bitchy, had a touch of the writer's block, was CRAZY BUSY, and had some family stuff to deal with, and all that took precedence over writing.  Things have calmed down a bit around here and so I think I'm ready to start writing again.

Taking time off from the blog also gave me a chance to think about how things are organized around here and what I really want this blog to be about.  I named this blog The Reinvention of Jessica because I want to transform myself into the person I want to be instead of the Red Hot Mess that I usually am.  I also would like to make a little money from my time spent blogging and I feel like in the last several months I haven't always been myself around here (both in an effort to gain readers and to make money - neither of which seem to be working out all that well).  I've gotten caught up in what other successful bloggers do and write about and I just haven't always felt truthful to myself.  Which is probably why success is eluding me.

So what does this mean for the blog?  First, posting might be a little light around here for a little while.  I'm thinking of switching to WordPress (with a real domain name - whaaaat?!?) and I don't think I'm going to take any of the posts from here to there (even though I have 4.5 years of stuff here).  It'll sorta be a fresh start and I can always link back to what I've written here as an archive.  Second, I'm going to be taking advertising and sponsorship a little more seriously.  Right now, I'm only using AdWords and Amazon Associates to generate revenue - not smart and not exactly bringing in the big bucks.  I've already done some sponsored posts, but that's only been for free product (which is nice, but money can be so much nicer).  I'm set up with Passion Fruit to swap ads with other bloggers and I plan to actually add some paid advertising via that platform soon.  Third, I want to focus what I write about a little bit more; sometimes I feel like I'm all over the place here.  I aim to have some consistency with my posting (hahaha - hopefully I can live up to this) while still leaving room for the randomness that is my brain.

And now, some random photos of Jack:

in the NICU - he was so TINY

"Daddy, there's a cat on my changing table!!!!"

early 2013

2014 Barbecue Cook-Off

2013 Backyard Water Park

2014 Zoo Splash Pad

2014 Jack's First Plane Trip


  1. Yay, you're still here! Figured maybe the summer heat/dulldroms hit you too :)

  2. I have no idea why I'm JUST NOW seeing your comment - guess I'm still working on behind the scenes blog stuff - now I'm adding better comment notifications to my list of things to take care of - and the summer heat has definitely been getting to me, too.....I hope to be back to blogging soon....I miss it!!!!

  3. How cute!! I am hoping over from Blog Love Lifestyle Tribe! :)


  4. Hi- Love the baby photos, especially the one where he's wearing glasses! I'm in your Blog Love Lifestyle Tribe, too, checking out your blog.


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