Jamberry Runner Girl

In honor of the Houston Marathon, this week's Jamicure features Runner Girl and the sadly retired Raspberry Sparkle (and my race bib from my July 4th 5K).  This is the most tame manicure I've had in a while, so I had to use Raspberry Sparkle to spice things up a little.  I love how well the two wraps go together, but I already have some ideas of other funky ways to pair Runner Girl.  I'm thinking Black & White Stripe or Black & White Chevron would be a fun pairing, or maybe Vintage Bicycle (especially since I like to bike ride, too).  I could always go for a really bright manicure and pair Runner Girl with something like Carnival or Venus.  Oh, Jamberry, you make it too easy to play with matching wraps and make me want to buy them all!

This Manicure Monday is a little late, but my posting schedule got sidetracked by my new purple hair.  I was so excited to be a purple head I had to go ahead and post that on Monday, lol.  But at least I'm posting and trying to stick with a loose editorial calendar.  Baby steps, right?

Tell me, what would you pair with Runner Girl?


The Epic Houston Marathon

Even though I've been running for about a year now, I still consider myself a baby runner.  I'm miles and miles away from where I'd like to be as far as my endurance and speed are concerned, so actually running in a marathon or half-marathon (or even just the 10K I'm determined to finish this year) are just pipe dreams right now, but I did go out and spectate at this year's Houston Marathon, and man, what an amazing thing a marathon is. (and what an amazing run-on sentence that was, lol).

I woke up early on Sunday morning to get to a good spot for spectating along the course.  I originally planned on riding my bike the few miles from our house to the start line in downtown (and then to a few other places on the course), but when faced with a ride alone before the sun was up I came to my senses and decided to find another watching point that I could drive to.  Getting run off the road by a crazy Houston driver or mugged along the isolated bike trail was not something I wanted to risk just to see the start of the marathon.  I really should've left my house earlier to get to the spot I wanted (the split where the marathoners take one course and the half-marathoners take another) so I could see both the marathon runners and half-marathon runners, but the roads were already closed.  And if I'd tried to find another way to that vantage point or parked and walked, I would've missed the elite runners zoom past me.

I had accidentally spectated at the New York Marathon one year and happened to see the winner run past at a blink-and-you-miss-it pace, so I kinda knew what to expect, but actually seeing runners go past you at 13 miles an hour (let that speed sink in for a second - 13 MILES AN HOUR), even if you're prepared for it is mind boggling.  The winner of this year's marathon, Birhanu Gedefa finished 26.2 miles in 2:08:03.  Two hours to finish a marathon - two hours, people, two hours!!!  I managed to get some shaky video of the elites going past, but the video does no justice to their epicness (plus I was watching them with my eyes instead of through the screen and I was cheering, so please pay no attention to the video quality or my very loud wooooooos).  I spectated between mile 8 and mile 9, and the elite runners passed me less than 45 minutes after the start of the marathon.  Some perspective on how slow I am:  It took me 48 minutes to run my first 5K, and that's only 3.1 miles.

Adding to the amazingness of what the elite runners are able to push their bodies to do is the wait for the next group of runners to come by.  The amount of time that goes by with no runners in site, between the winners of the marathon and the just-as-epic runners that qualify for the Boston Marathon (with a time of roughly three hours to finish - and let that sink in for a second) is a good half hour.  The elite runners are half an hour ahead of the slightly less elite Boston Qualifiers - the regular runners of the marathon don't even see the elites they're so fast.  Amaze-balls.

some of the Boston Qualifiers

4 hour finishers (still a faster pace than my fastest 5K)

Once the Boston Qualifiers run past, the running field significantly thickens.  A steady stream of people ran past me for 3 hours before I headed home to pick up Jack and Dennis and head to another spot on the course.  I was also super stoked to spot all 3 marathoners I knew, which is no small feat when thousands of people are streaming past.

The next spot on the course where we watched was at mile 23.  There was quite a difference in the runners from mile 8 to mile 23.  The field had thinned out considerably, and people were smiling less and grimacing more.  There was less running and more walking, but despite everything, everyone was still looking good and trucking along.  Those runners are epic in their drive and determination to finish.  And if I ever did a marathon, I would still be slower than them!  I managed to get over to mile 23 in time to see everyone I knew go past a second time, too.  Plus there was someone dressed up as a gorilla at mile 23.

mile 23

After watching at mile 23 for a while, we headed downtown to the finish line.  I wasn't able to get any good pictures of the finish line, but it was still pretty amazing to see everyone running that last little bit to actually finish a marathon!!!  I am definitely more motivated to run after spectating; I'm even toying with the idea of signing up for a half marathon next year, but we'll have to see if that's just a crazy reaction after seeing everyone go 26.2 miles, or if it's something I might actually be able to accomplish.  We'll just have to see!

I Love My New Purple Hair!

photo by Rina Dee

I've been playing around with this idea for a while and I finally pulled the trigger on a fun new hairdo.  My Pixie cut has finally gone through all the awkward growing out it's going to do and is just about bob length, but all that awkward growing out left me feeling like I had Lady Politician hair.  Lady Politician hair on a quickly approaching 35 woman who feels like she's still 23 just won't do, so I had to make a big change.  Enter Rina Dee from Kat's Meow Salon in Houston, and BOOM!  Purple hair.  This will come as no surprise to you if you're following me over on Instagram, and if you aren't (why aren't you?!!?) go follow me now, so I don't drop purple hair bombs all over you.

This isn't my first forray with rainbow colored hair, but it is the first time I've done my entire head.  And. I. Am. LOVING. IT!!!  In highschool and my early 20's, I'd typically do one thick streak at the front of my hair and I'd change the color to match the holiday (I'll find some of those pics the next time I visit my Mom), so I'm already thinking about what my next color is going to be (but I'll probably keep it like this for a while - bleach does a number on your hair).

Bye, bye, Lady Politician Hair

I'm lucky that I have a job that lets me be myself with funky hair, facial piercings, and visible tattoos.  If you're not quite in the same boat (and things are changing and have changed a lot in the last decade), there are still ways you can rock some fun hair colors.  Clip in hair extensions is a totally non-permanent way to add some fun to your 'do.  I got these extensions for all my bridesmaids.  They can be cut and styled with heated styling tools.  You could also add streaks of color in an under layer of your hair that would pretty much stay hidden with some hairstyles and then on the weekend, pull your hair back and WOW, colored hair!!!  I also have a friend who is in corporate America who is rocking super skinny blue and purple highlights in her hair.  It's so subtle you miss it at first glance.  And then she goes into the sun and it's all HELLO BLUE AND PURPLE!!!!  

I look like Jared Leto in Fight Club
Also, I suck at selfies

And don't tell me you can't pull off rainbow hair.  I've had a ton of people tell me that they like my hair but feel like they couldn't rock the same look.  Now I know rainbow hair isn't for everyone, but if you've always wanted to try it and you like the way it looks, then you, too, could pull off rainbow hair.  I promise.  Am I loud and crazy and goofy and out there?  Yes, yes I am, but not to any sort of extreme (there are waaaaayyyyyy crazier and wilder people out there then me - I'm offbeat-lite).  You don't have to go for a whole head transformation.  Try pink highlights or purple streaks or blue ombre tips.  Have fun with your hair!!!  And don't be afraid to experiment!!!  When I was a teenager with crazy hair back in the '90's, in small town Louisiana, I was a pariah and people treated me differently, made assumptions about me, gawked, and made rude comments.  Things have changed a lot since then.  People don't even comment on my nose ring anymore.

now I look like Zorg from The Fifth Element
photo by Rina Dee
It's only been a couple of days and I'm having so much fun as a purple head.  Have ya'll ever had an extreme hair color?  Considered it?  Plan on going through with it?  If you're in the Houston area, I HIGHLY recommend Rina Dee at Kat's Meow Salon!!!  Go like them on Facebook to show them some love, too!  Their brother shop, Big Kat's Barbershop is where I went to keep my pixie in line while it grew out.


One Planner to Rule Them All: The Erin Condren Life Planner

I drank the kool-aid, ya'll.  As part of my 2015 goals, I promised myself I'd keep a day planner for the entire year, and I found one, and I'm already in deep.  Like, really really deep.  If you haven't already heard of Erin Condren Life Planners, then you might've been living under a rock because she has something of a cult following in the blogosphere.  And I have joined the cult, yo.  I bought the planner, joined the Facebook groups, watched the YouTube videos, and have stocked up on washi tape, stickers, and pens.

You see, there are people out there who decorate their planners.  And I don't mean just using color coded pens and a few cute calendar appointment stickers.  I mean fucking DECORATE their planners, like, with scrapbooking supplies and stickers, and washi tape.  Works of Art!!!

I first heard of Erin Condren from the inaugural Blog Elevated conference in 2013. There was a gift certificate in the swag bags, but when I looked at the planners online, I had sticker shock ($50 for a planner?!?), and even with the gift certificate, I couldn't justify the cost.  Plus I wasn't very good at consistently using planners so I figured why waste the money.  Fast forward to this September (right after this year's BE), and I was at the Jamberry regional conference.  A chick at my table pulls out an Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP), and opens it up, and it was like hearing angels!!!  The stickers!!!  The washi!!!  The colorful markers!!!  I tried not to gawk as my love for stickers was instantly reignited, and I knew I had to have one.

I've had this damn thing for 6 days.....6 DAYS and I've already gone supply cray-cray

Here's some cool stuff about the ECLP:  
  • tons of customizable covers, so you can pick something that really fits your personality (or you can completely design a cover of your own)
  • the covers are removable, so you can change them out as your mood changes (or with the seasons or holidays)
  • year overview, monthly calendar, and weekly spreads - makes planning easy
  • inspirational quotes that won't make you puke
  • notes section with lined and unlined pages (great for doodles)
  • perpetual calendar so you never miss another birthday or milestone (points at self)
  • keep it together pocket in the back for organizing your supplies
  • zipper pouch for smaller items
  • the week view is divided into 1/3's for morning, day, and evening (and with washi tape, you can further customize the header), and the boxes are the perfect size to keep from over scheduling yourself - this is a problem my ADD makes me have - I have no sense of how long something will take and think I can magically do it all.  Only being able to fit a few things in each box has already made me realize what I can realistically accomplish in a day
  • STICKERS!!! - worth repeating
I think this might actually be the planner that keeps me planning all year long.  Not only because it fits my needs, but because I've been so inspired by all the amazing decorations I've been stalking online (and because PENS AND STICKERS AND GLITTER!!!).  If you think you want to drink the kool-aid and join the cult, you can click here and we BOTH get $10 off (help fuel my addiction, people!!!)  And expect to see more ECLP posts, too.....my preciousssss.

I even put our 2014 anniversary picture on the back cover 


Jamberry Imperial, Gold Fishnet, and Sugarplum Glimmer

As I'm sure ya'll have figured out (with all my Jamberry posts lately), I'm obsessed with Jamberry.  Before I got pregnant, I always, always had polish on my nails, and I would usually spend way too much time doing intricate nail art only to have it chip the next day.  Enter pregnancy, morning sickness, then a baby, and momma ain't got no time for polish.  Jamberry to the rescue!!!  I found this company and after trying a sample, I was so hooked, I bypassed ordering and signed up to be a consultant!!!  These things really are amazing, affordable, fast and easy, and I never have to have naked nails.  To celebrate my love of all things nail art, I'm going to start doing Manicure Mondays around here.  This week, I'm wearing Imperial with Gold Fishnet over the (sadly) retired Sugar Plum Glimmer.  I first applied my Jamicure without the Gold Fishnet over the Sugar Plum, but decided I needed an extra pop and the fishnet was just the thing this Jamicure needed!  And I might just have to do this combo again for Mardi Gras.


Day in the Life, January 1, 2015

It's been a long time since I've written one of my Day in the Life posts.  I've still been taking my pictures on Instagram every month (and you really should be following me), but I just haven't had the motivation to transfer them to my computer, watermark them, upload them to the blog, and then put them in a post.  But I really miss doing that, so I'm going to start again!!!

We had an amazing New Year's Day this year.  Much better than last year when we came home to a leak from our tenant's bathroom and Jack and I were both sick.  Ugh, that was an awful way to start a new year.  This year was very low-key, laid back, and cozy.  Dennis had to work overnight on new year's eve, so we didn't go to our friends Roger and Liz's house to pop fireworks.  Instead Jack and I went to Den's work and we watched some cartoons and ate pizza.  Jack and I were home by 10, he was in bed by 10:30, and I fell asleep to a movie at 11:45-ish.  Exciting, I know (and the first time I've slept through new year's since I was a kid, lol!).  Don't be jealous.

Dennis got home around 7:45 am (I think), and went straight to bed.  Jack and I got up a little while later and let him get some much needed sleep.

8:30 am
we wake up looking like this

9:30 am

10:30 am
Jack love my chalkboard

11:30 am
call with Mom

12:30 pm

1:30 pm
loading dishes while Wild Man runs laps around the house

2:30 pm
long soak with Dr. Teal's

3:30 pm
gathering dinner supplies

4:30 pm
decided to take dinner to my SIL's

5:30 pm
Baby GoPro

6:30 pm
puzzle time with Daddy

7:30 pm
dinner time

8:30 pm
on the Jack train

9:30 pm

We went home right after eating our s'mores and were all in bed by 10:30.  I can't think of a better way for us to start off 2015.  How was your New Year's?  I hope it was as satisfying as ours!!!

2015 Goals

One week of the year has passed us by and I'm still trying to perfect my list of goals for 2015.  This kind of thing is never perfect and usually fluid, so I'm going to go ahead and write down what's been swimming around in my crazy brain with the understanding that the terms and conditions of this list are subject to change.

I decided to narrow my goals down into categories to help my stay focused because, ADD, cats, a 2 year old, glitter, and other shiny things.  I got the inspiration for categories from Victoria over at Poverty Luxe (you should seriously check out her blog!).

Personal Goals:

  • Get a handle on my ADD.  Seriously.  I've been realizing more and more that most of my problems stem from my self-diagnosed and untreated ADD.  As I become more aware of how ADD manifests itself in my life, I'm learning how to cope.  I'm trying to notice when I get overloaded and distracted and to try and maintain focus (some days are easier than others), and if I have to get professional help this year, I will.
  • Keep a day planner.  For the whole year.  I start every new year with a new planner.  I love new planners and office supplies (and pens, OMG, PENS!!!), but I rarely end up using a planner with any consistency.  This year, I'm going to plan time to plan and reward myself as I continue to use my planner.
  • Have more date nights with Dennis.  I think we've been out, just the two of us, a whopping 4 times since Jack was born.  That's just not enough!!!
  • Be more attentive with Jack.  It's difficult for me to get everything done around the house and still have enough time and focus to just play with Jack.  I find myself saying, "Hold on" and "Just a minute" a few too many times when he wants to call me over to play.  
Fitness Goals:
  • Continue running.  
  • Participate in 3 5K races, 1 5K mud run, and 1 10K race this year.
  • Join the YMCA.  And actually go.  They have free childcare, so I really don't have any excuses if/when we join.  Plus they have a fabulous pool so Jack and I can swim after I workout.  Oh, and they offer free childcare once a month so parents can have a date night.  Win-win-win!
  • Eat healthier meals and lose weight.  Dropping 1-2 sizes would be nice!
Financial Goals:
  • No overdraft fees this year!!!  Seriously, I'm terrible with my checking account.  I know I'm supposed to be an adult and that's supposed to make me responsible, but even when I'm making more money than I do now, I end up overdrafting at least once a year.  NO MORE, I TELL YOU, NO MORE!!!!
  • Actually create a budget for myself.  I have money I put into our joint account for bills and such, but, again, I'm terrible with my checking account and I think a budget would help
  • Make/find enough money in the budget for the YMCA membership
  • Make/find enough money in the budget for eyelash extensions.  Yes, I know this is totally unnecessary and superficial, but before Jack was born, I was getting regular eyelash extensions and I LOVED THEM SO MUCH!!!  I'm not much of a girly girl and I rarely wear makeup (even though I do love it), and having eyelash extensions make me feel so fucking glamorous.  And I really miss that.
Home Goals:
  • Finish all the unfinished projects from the last 2 years.  And I'm not talking about finishing decorating a room, I'm talking about finishing painting the dresser I started in September of 2013, and a felt flag banner I started making for Jack's room sometime in 2013 kind of projects.
  • Unpack all the boxes in the extra room
  • Purge, purge, purge!  We have so much stuff we don't need!!!
  • Finally get everything out of our old house
Business Goals:
  • Plan and stay focused with Jamberry.  I love this company, I love the product, and while I don't expect to be able to quit my job and pay off my house like some women in this company have done, I do want to grow a small team and have enough extra money for some of my financial goals.
  • Finally open my own massage business.  I've said this for years and I'm going to make 2015 my year!!!
  • Learn to become a doula.
  • Learn to do placenta encapsulation.
Blog Goals: 
  • Establish an editorial calendar and stick to it.  Consistent posting is important!!!
  • Actually move to WordPress and redesign the look of my blog
  • Truly monetize with a plan (I don't have a plan yet - I need one, but I don't want to move forward with monetization until I have a plan)
  • Increase my numbers (I'm not sure yet what I want those numbers to be)
  • Better utilize other social media (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)
I think that's plenty to keep me busy for this year, don't you?!?  What do you have planned for 2015?

Pantone's Color of the Year: Marsala

Pantone recently announced the color of 2015:  Marsala!  This year's color seems to be a departure from previous years' bright and pastel palettes that pop.  Marsala is much richer and moodier with a more grown up feeling to it.  To quote Pantone's Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, "Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth."

To celebrate 2015's color of the year, Jamberry has come out with some amazing new designs:  Marsala in Bloom, Marsala Chevron, Marsala Stripe, and Marsala Mirage.  These new designs look great on their own, paired together, or accented with rich golds or subtle nudes.

Jamberry's Sister Style Exclusive for January 2015 also celebrates Marsala and winter with Marsala Mittens.  "This month's Sisters' Style Exclusive design takes inspiration from cozy knit sweaters and Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year....pair Marsala Mittens or any of the other Marsala wraps with your favorite winter ensemble for a cozy, chic look."

The Sisters' Style Exclusive is only available until January 31, so don't miss out on this adorable design and order yours today.  And as always, Jamberry wraps are Buy 3, Get 1 FREE, so it makes it easy to stock up and treat yourself.  You can get them here!  And if you want to earn FREE and discounted wraps, you can always have your own Jamberry party.  I do online Facebook parties - we don't even have to be in the same state (plus you get to party in your jammies!).  Send me an email for details!

Tell me, what do you think about 2015's Color of the Year?

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