One Planner to Rule Them All: The Erin Condren Life Planner

I drank the kool-aid, ya'll.  As part of my 2015 goals, I promised myself I'd keep a day planner for the entire year, and I found one, and I'm already in deep.  Like, really really deep.  If you haven't already heard of Erin Condren Life Planners, then you might've been living under a rock because she has something of a cult following in the blogosphere.  And I have joined the cult, yo.  I bought the planner, joined the Facebook groups, watched the YouTube videos, and have stocked up on washi tape, stickers, and pens.

You see, there are people out there who decorate their planners.  And I don't mean just using color coded pens and a few cute calendar appointment stickers.  I mean fucking DECORATE their planners, like, with scrapbooking supplies and stickers, and washi tape.  Works of Art!!!

I first heard of Erin Condren from the inaugural Blog Elevated conference in 2013. There was a gift certificate in the swag bags, but when I looked at the planners online, I had sticker shock ($50 for a planner?!?), and even with the gift certificate, I couldn't justify the cost.  Plus I wasn't very good at consistently using planners so I figured why waste the money.  Fast forward to this September (right after this year's BE), and I was at the Jamberry regional conference.  A chick at my table pulls out an Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP), and opens it up, and it was like hearing angels!!!  The stickers!!!  The washi!!!  The colorful markers!!!  I tried not to gawk as my love for stickers was instantly reignited, and I knew I had to have one.

I've had this damn thing for 6 days.....6 DAYS and I've already gone supply cray-cray

Here's some cool stuff about the ECLP:  
  • tons of customizable covers, so you can pick something that really fits your personality (or you can completely design a cover of your own)
  • the covers are removable, so you can change them out as your mood changes (or with the seasons or holidays)
  • year overview, monthly calendar, and weekly spreads - makes planning easy
  • inspirational quotes that won't make you puke
  • notes section with lined and unlined pages (great for doodles)
  • perpetual calendar so you never miss another birthday or milestone (points at self)
  • keep it together pocket in the back for organizing your supplies
  • zipper pouch for smaller items
  • the week view is divided into 1/3's for morning, day, and evening (and with washi tape, you can further customize the header), and the boxes are the perfect size to keep from over scheduling yourself - this is a problem my ADD makes me have - I have no sense of how long something will take and think I can magically do it all.  Only being able to fit a few things in each box has already made me realize what I can realistically accomplish in a day
  • STICKERS!!! - worth repeating
I think this might actually be the planner that keeps me planning all year long.  Not only because it fits my needs, but because I've been so inspired by all the amazing decorations I've been stalking online (and because PENS AND STICKERS AND GLITTER!!!).  If you think you want to drink the kool-aid and join the cult, you can click here and we BOTH get $10 off (help fuel my addiction, people!!!)  And expect to see more ECLP posts, preciousssss.

I even put our 2014 anniversary picture on the back cover 

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