Jamberry Imperial, Gold Fishnet, and Sugarplum Glimmer

As I'm sure ya'll have figured out (with all my Jamberry posts lately), I'm obsessed with Jamberry.  Before I got pregnant, I always, always had polish on my nails, and I would usually spend way too much time doing intricate nail art only to have it chip the next day.  Enter pregnancy, morning sickness, then a baby, and momma ain't got no time for polish.  Jamberry to the rescue!!!  I found this company and after trying a sample, I was so hooked, I bypassed ordering and signed up to be a consultant!!!  These things really are amazing, affordable, fast and easy, and I never have to have naked nails.  To celebrate my love of all things nail art, I'm going to start doing Manicure Mondays around here.  This week, I'm wearing Imperial with Gold Fishnet over the (sadly) retired Sugar Plum Glimmer.  I first applied my Jamicure without the Gold Fishnet over the Sugar Plum, but decided I needed an extra pop and the fishnet was just the thing this Jamicure needed!  And I might just have to do this combo again for Mardi Gras.


  1. Here's a question: how does the removal work?

  2. Well, you use heat (like from a hair dryer) as part of the application process. The heat activates the adhesive and makes the vinyl wraps pliable so you can get a really good fit and, therefore, a good seal to your nail bed. The adhesive is so strong that there is a removal process to keep from damaging your nails. You get the wraps warm again, use a fingernail to break the seal from the cuticle edge of your nail, and then rub a little olive oil on a q-tip or cotton ball (or coconut oil, or even vegetable oil) to break down the adhesive and then they slide right off. That sounds complicated, but it's really easy (I do it in front of the TV on the couch and there's no mess), plus olive oil is really good for your skin and nails, so even the removal process pampering. The big difference between removing polish and removing Jamberry wraps is using olive oil instead of nail polish remover and blasting them with heat for a few seconds first.


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