Jamberry Runner Girl

In honor of the Houston Marathon, this week's Jamicure features Runner Girl and the sadly retired Raspberry Sparkle (and my race bib from my July 4th 5K).  This is the most tame manicure I've had in a while, so I had to use Raspberry Sparkle to spice things up a little.  I love how well the two wraps go together, but I already have some ideas of other funky ways to pair Runner Girl.  I'm thinking Black & White Stripe or Black & White Chevron would be a fun pairing, or maybe Vintage Bicycle (especially since I like to bike ride, too).  I could always go for a really bright manicure and pair Runner Girl with something like Carnival or Venus.  Oh, Jamberry, you make it too easy to play with matching wraps and make me want to buy them all!

This Manicure Monday is a little late, but my posting schedule got sidetracked by my new purple hair.  I was so excited to be a purple head I had to go ahead and post that on Monday, lol.  But at least I'm posting and trying to stick with a loose editorial calendar.  Baby steps, right?

Tell me, what would you pair with Runner Girl?


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