February Wrap-Up and Photo Dump

I would characterize this past month as "meh."  I managed to keep up with most of my February goals in some form or another and had a pretty busy social calendar, but I came down with a cough that has lasted going on 4 weeks now - and even though I'm not actually sick, it's kinda getting in the way of me accomplishing some things.

As always, there are things that happened in February that I haven't yet blogged about (after all, that's kinda what the photo dumps are for), but I want to write full posts on.  I know a good blog post needs time to be written, edited, photographed, and published, but how much lag time is too much?  I haven't written about what we did on Valentine's Day, and it seems like that ship has sailed - how long is too long to write about an event?  I guess that's a question I'll just have to figure out the answer to.

So, how did I stack up against my February goals?  Not too shabby, but not where I'd like to find myself at the end of the month.  I felt my ADD flair up (not that ADD flairs, exactly, but I felt overwhelmed with stimulus more than usual) and that usually leads to me just shutting down instead of processing everything.  I recognized my ADD backslide earlier than usual and I think I'm getting back on track, but only time will tell if I've got my shit back together or not.  At least the downswing didn't seem to last as long as it usually does.  I really need to get some medication to keep my head straight......ADD sucks.

Personal Goals:

  • Date Night was accomplished!!!  A client/friend of mine, Christa, is a bad-ass triathlete who was having a fundraising benefit as part of her work with Team in Training.  Since I'm trying to figure out the best way to start my massage business, I thought offering outcalls (in-home massage therapy) in my off time would make for a good transition.  I decided to donate a 1-hour in home massage to be raffled off at her fundraiser.  The fundraiser was at a bar, so we dropped Jack at Grandma's and enjoyed the fundraiser and some adult beverages.  Good times were had by all.
  • Keep up with my Erin Condren Life Planner.  I have no shortage of stickers, washi tape, and bright colored markers right now and have been putting them to good use decorating my planner. The past week, I haven't really touched the thing because of the whole ADD overwhelm thing and I just really don't have any plans right now.  But I have a little free time and am getting back to decorating - planning, I meant to say planning.

Fitness Goals:

  • Well, everything in this category was a big fat FAIL.  I mostly blame the nagging cough I have going on, which has totally sucked all the motivation for exercise out of me.  I suppose I could've done something other than run, but once I started skipping runs, I felt crappy about skipping runs and it put me in a bad mood.  I wanted to run 3 days a week every week in February (and really every month this year), but I missed runs 3.5 weeks out of this month.  Maybe I'll make them up, maybe I won't, but even though my cough still somewhat persists, I'm lacing up my shoes and hitting the pavement in March.  For real.
  • I didn't register for the Bayou City Classic before Dennis and I started our no-spend month (and because I thought I wouldn't have anyone to watch Jack while I ran).  I completely forgot that jogging strollers are allowed on the course, and as soon as our no-spend is over, I'm registering.  I was hoping to be able to run without the stroller, but at least I'm going to get to participate.  
  • Adding core moves to my workout.  I looked up some stuff on Pinterst, but because of my lack of motivation didn't do a single crunch, plank, sit-up, or any other type of core exercise.  Unless you count coughing.  I think I'll give myself partial credit for coughing all month.

Financial Goals:

  • Still no overdraft fees!!!  Am I starting to win at being an adult???
  • No-Spend February - or rather, No Spend February 16-March 15.  So far, so good.  And so far, I'm surprised at just how much I'm actually saving.  Now to figure out how to do a budget.
  • Create a rough draft budget:  Total Fail.  I downloaded the You Need a Budget software and have hardly used it.  I think when I set it up and it asked for my current bank balance and it was pathetically in the single digits, and then asked me for my monthly expenses and informed me that based on my bank balance I was $1200 or more over budget it kinda got to me psychologically.  I realize that as I make deposits to my account, my "over budget" number would shrink, but looking at that number was a downer.  I haven't gone back to the website to go over their lessons on how to use the software, so maybe I'm doing something wrong,  Either way, I need to revisit this in March

Home Goals:

  • Again, a big meh in this category.  I didn't really use the Fly Lady system at all (although I did stick with my Power Hour), and I completely fell off the Morning and Evening Routine wagon.  Like I said, the ADD was flaring and I was just overwhelmed by things and shut down a little at the end of the month.  Also, no art was hung in Jack's room.  We did start cleaning out the extra room to catalog the boxes of unpacked stuff, but that made the rest of the house totally crazy.  At least we were working on the house.

Business Goals:

  • February has been gang-busters for my Jamberry business.  I had an in-home party at the beginning of the month and started a fundraiser for a friend in the middle of the month (of course, almost all of my commission is being donated as part of the fundraiser, but sales have been amaze-balls).  I hit 2 of the 3 sales goals that Jamberry set up for incentive prizes (and have enough hours left in the month that I might just make the third goal), and hit both sales goals my Team Leader set up with incentive prizes.  I just need to work on getting bookings for March to keep up my momentum.  Wanna host a party???  Drop me a line!!!
  • I've had some behind the scenes things happening with the massage business.  I'm keeping tight-lipped on things so I don't jinx them, but should have some big updates in the next few months.

Blog Goals:

  • I've done a few more Pinterest Academy lessons this month and realized I need to focus on something else before Pinterest.  I love using Pinterest and the lessons are fantastic, but Facebook is a better driver of traffic to my site, so I think I should look to expand there before I try to start getting traffic from Pinterst.
  • I was lucky enough to have the topic of this month's Houston Blogger's meeting be blog photography.  Rachel Matthews of A Southern Fairytale spoke about photography, and I learned some really great tips for my blog photography (even using an iPhone).  This chick is legit and has some amazing pics on her blog.  Go show her some love if you get a chance.
  • Both the blog notebook and editorial calendars didn't happen.  Maybe in March, lol.

Now for the photo-dump or Things I Could've (and Maybe Should've and Might Possibly Still) Write About:

Jack has been helping a lot more in the kitchen.  He's always been interested when we're cooking (and Dennis has been cooking one handed since Jack could hold his head up on his own and insisted on being able to see the action), but lately, he's really shown the ability to truly help in meal prep.  Is there anything cuter than a toddler helping in the kitchen?

Dennis and Jack had a rousing round of Hide and Go Seek in Home Depot.  I look at these pictures and freak out over how big Jack is getting.

Jack has been extra lovable to the cats lately.  Some of them even tolerate the bear hugs.

I've been working on my photo staging - at least for inanimate objects.  I think I still have a long way to go, but considering I threw this together in, like, 5 minutes it's not too shabby.  Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with this damn Erin Condren Life Planner (want to see what all the hub-bub is about?  Click here for $10 off your first order)?

We have a snake named Brutus.  The snake eats rats - most of the time.  Sometimes, he lets the rat live in his cage.  We had a rat in the snake cage for a few weeks this month and Jack really took note of this and would want to feed the rat crackers in the mornings sometimes.  You don't want to know what ended up happening to the rat (thankfully after Jack's interest waned).

Jack has a stuffed snake named Caesar.  I was doing chores around the house (shocker) when I walked into the kitchen to see Caesar making his way back to the bedroom.

Dennis and Jack work on character building in Dungeons and Dragons.

I also caught Dennis serenading Jack while playing a wooden spoon.  Be still my heart.


We went to Galveston for Valentine's Day to ride bikes along the Seawall and to see a Mardi Gras Parade.  I will write more about this

Jack is really starting to enjoy books.  Even in the car.  I should add the picture on the right was taken while we were parked.....just sayin'.

Jack has been practicing his photography skills.  And by practicing, I mean stealing my phone and taking crazy pics.  I think he's a natural.

Dennis had to do some repair work to the entryway to our tenant's apartment.  Naturally Jack was there to help, hardhat and all.

We went to Austin to participate in the Ingress Shonin Anomaly.  I'll write more about this because if you don't know what Ingress is, I'll tell you all about it.  Hint:  It's awesome.


And that pretty much sums up my month.  What did you do this month?  Achieve any goals?  Or were you more like me and just spun your wheels this month?  I'd love to know!!!

Houston Children's Festival Giveaway!!!

The largest children's festival in the country, the McDonald's Houston Children's Festival benefiting Child Advocates, Inc. is coming back to Houston on March 30-31, and I'm giving away a Family 4-Pack of Tickets to one lucky winner.

This year's festival will have five stages of music and entertainment, Disney & Nickelodeon stars, and nine family adventure zones (including McDonald's Dream Discovery Zone, Baker Hughes Circus Town, and the Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care Tot Spot & Diaper Derby).  Last year's festival had record breaking attendance and this year's festival promises to be even more spectacular!

Olivia Holt, star of Disney Channel's I Didn't Do It will be there along with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ronald McDonald and Friends, The Minions, and Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba.

Pre-sale tickets are available here.  A portion of all tickets sold goes towards benefiting Child Advocates, Inc., a non-profit organization helping abused and neglected children in Harris County, Texas.  McDonald's Houston Children's Festival has now raised over $5 million for Child Advocates!!!

Make sure you enter to win a Family 4-Pack of Tickets right here!!!  I'll see you in March!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bohemian Decor

I've been super obsessed with bohemian decor lately.  Bohemian decor is the perfect combination of color, texture, and design for me.  Elements of classic Victorian furniture come together with deep, rich colors, and funky patterns for an overall eclectic and unique feel.  The bohemian aesthetic is full of life, warmth, culture, and interesting curiosities.   It makes me think of Paris in the 1850's - artists, writers, actors, and musicians.

I still haven't decorated my living room (other than one coat of paint of a multi-paint plan), so I could very well scrap my plans for a simple and elegant mid-century modern formal living room (I've been watching a lot of Mad Men lately) and go for a La Boheme/Moulin Rouge gypsy bohemian eclectic living room.  Somehow I think the bohemian look is more representative of my personal style. {this paragraph contains affiliate links}

Either way, I've been collecting bohemian inspiration over on Pinterest and I really need a space to decorate like this.  If not my own living room, then someone else's.  Any takers?  Not that I want to start a new career, I just need an unlimited number of rooms to decorate in whatever style I'm currently obsessing over.  Check out my board and let me know what you think.  Any design styles you're obsessing over lately?

Follow The Reinvention of Jessica - Jessica Brogan's board Bohemian Decor on Pinterest.


Ice Skating at Discovery Green

Every winter (and I use that term loosely here in Houston), Discovery Green erects an outdoor ice skating rink, and even if the weather is unseasonably warm, ice skating outside always has been and always will be amazeballs..  It's been a long time since I've gone ice skating (outside or otherwise), and in fact, the last time we were there it was actually snowing (yes, Hell Houston does actually get snow once in an almost never).  This year we didn't plan on going because we assumed Jack would be too little to skate, but I went to a Houston Bloggers meeting, and Vicki Powers from Houston on the Cheap was giving away comp tickets to the ice rink and I thought, what's to loose?!?

Best. Decision. Ever.

We were able to go the last week that the ice rink was open and we had so much fun!!!  I can't believe how small they make ice skates (and they were still too big for Jack), but we laced them up tight and they worked just fine.

sneaking in a Manicure Monday pic
Jamberry's December Sister Style Exclusive,
First Frost 

Jack was a little overwhelmed at first.  The rink wasn't too crowded, but there were still quite a few people skating, there was dance music playing, and disco lights (all very fun!).  Luckily, there was a tiny 10'x10' rink just for little kids set up, so we started there.  Den wanted to make sure Jack knew he was on ice, or at least that it was cold, so we sat him on the rink.  At first, Jack kept trying to pick up his feet and walk, but once we got him to glide there wasn't any stopping him.

What is this place?

This stuff is cold!


Jack wasn't long for the kiddie rink; as soon as he got used to gliding, he wanted off the ice, and started walking for the big rink where everyone else was.  Den and I took turns holding him while we skated.  Jack would've skated for hours if we had had the stamina.  Let me tell you how difficult it is to skate while balancing your two year old, all while trying to avoid other skaters, and not running over your child.  Nearly impossible, but so much fun!!!  And I can't wait to do it again.

We were only on the ice for about an hour, but we had such a great time!!!  I bet next year will be even more fun!  In fact, we might not wait till next year because several Houston malls have ice rinks, and Jack enjoyed this way too much to wait 10 more months to do this again.  Of course, nothing beats ice skating outside.  Have you ever ice skated outside?  What's your favorite winter tradition?

P.S.  I should add that today is our first day of our No Spend Month.  Wish us luck!!!

Running Playlist to Get You Going

It's not always easy to find the motivation to get up and go running.  Having a really great playlist is essential for me to put one foot in front of the other and get going.  Of course, I also love to run to my Zombies, RUN! app, but good music between each chapter of the story helps keep my feet moving.  I'll never understand people who run without music - I need something to distract me from the pain and sweat and huffing and puffing.

I've been sick all week and haven't gone running (and it's driving me cray-cray), so I've been hyping myself up for my first post-pestilence run by making some playlists to look forward to.  This one features a lot of upbeat pop and hip-hop music.  Plus New Kids on the Block.  No playlist is complete without them!  It also features affiliate links, so if you like something and click on it, momma gets paid.  A few cents.  Just sayin'.  If you click on this widget, you'll hear a preview of each song.

Uptown Funk - Mark Ronsen, feat. Bruno Mars
Turn Down For What - DJ Snake & Lil Jon
This is How We Do - Katy Perry
Black Widow - Iggy Azalea, feat Rita Ora
My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) - Fall Out Boy
Smack My Bitch Up - The Prodigy
Ni**s In Paris - Jay Z and Kanye West
Step by Step - New Kids on the Block

So, does this playlist get you going?  What do you like to workout to?

February Goals

I spent 2 hours yesterday writing this post and it was glorious - then the fucking internet ate it.
So this is the post you're getting now.

Starting the new year with a ton of goals and resolutions is an easy thing to do.  Sticking to those goals and fulfilling those resolutions for the entire year is another thing entirely.  January is an easy month to keep up with that list of things we all want to better in the new year, however, the farther away from January 1st you go, the fuzzier those resolutions get.  In an attempt to keep focused on what I hope to accomplish this year, here are those things I hope to do in February.

Personal Goals:
  • Date Night.  This was supposed to happen in January, too, but my MIL (AKA Jack wrangler) was unexpectedly called out of town, so we had no one to keep Jack for an evening.  February, however, she is in town and we have already planned a date night.  Color me excited!
  • Keep up with my Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP).  I'm obsessed with this thing!!!  I shouldn't even need to put this down as a goal because I cannot stop futzing with it (the stickers, OMG, I love the stickers!!!)  Want $10 off your first ECLP (or any other purchase at Erin Condren)?  Click here and use my referral code and we'll both get coupons.  Win-win!  This is also helping with some of my ADD symptoms.  I'm still thinking about professional help (and should probably look into it while things are good instead of when they take the inevitable downturn).

Fitness Goals:
  • Continue running.  This is really easier said than done considering I've been under the weather for the last couple of days.  I only missed one day of running in January, and I've already missed two in February.  I want to make them up, but don't want to push myself, but I also don't want to get out of the habit of running.  My overall running goal is to run 3 times a week, so we'll see how soon I can get back to it (and make up those missed days!!!)
  • Register for the Bayou City Classic 5K Fun Run (I'm not ready for the 10K...yet)
  • Add some core work to my exercise routine.  I can run all I want, but that's not doing a thing for my abs or lower back - and I really want to stop looking like I'm in my first trimester of pregnancy (unless Dennis finally agrees to knock me up again - then, and only then, is it okay to look like I'm pregnant)

Financial Goals:
  • No overdrafts.  So far, so good in January and I plan to keep it up in February.
  • No Spend February.  Okay, so I'm actually going to be doing No Spend February 16 - March 15, but that's still a calendar month, so it counts.  Plus it's #82 on my 101 in 1,001 list.
  • Create a (rough draft) budget.  I found an online budgeting tool, You Need a Budget and I downloaded their free trial.  So far (and granted, I've only used it once) I don't like the way things are set up, but I'll hang in there for the free trial and maybe it'll grow on me.  The website has some great advice, though, so maybe I'll use the advice and set up my own pen and paper budget.  I'm looking at you, Erin Condren.

Home Goals:
  • Once upon a time, when I first started this blog (and please don't go back through the archives, that shit is embarrassing), I was struggling to become a better homemaker.  I still suck at homemaking (but not as much as I did back then), so I'm going to start using some FlyLady principles again.  In January, I managed to do a weekly home blessing (and I call it my Power Hour - because saying home blessing kinda makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little).  I've been trying to do a Morning Routing and and Evening Routine every day, too, but thanks to ADD, I forget half the time.  Maybe I'll set a reminder on my phone (duh).
  • February is looking like a really busy month, so I won't be able to tackle any huge unfinished projects, but I am going to hang the art I have for Jack's room.  Little things add up after all.

Business Goals:
  • January was a good month for my Jamberry business.  Not great, but good, especially considering I all but abandoned it in November and December.  February is looking good, too - I already had one in home party and have some online parties scheduled, but I really need to work on my follow-up and business tracking.  I have access to a client tracking website, The Client Angel and need to start setting up my reminders and other businessy stuff there.  And if you want to host your own Jamberry party, feel free to contact me!!!  Wink-wink, nudge-nudge (see what I just did there??)
  • I've got a ton of ideas floating around in my brain space about starting my own massage place.  If I don't sit down and organize them and then use them to flesh out a plan, I'll be stuck at my job forever.  Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job (and I've been there almost 5 years), but there's zero room for advancement unless I leave, so I need to really psych myself up to make this move.  It's hella scary, but something I need to do for myself and my family.  But it's so scary.  So. Scary.

Blog Goals:
  • Pinterest is the #1 driver of traffic to blogs and I'm not utilizing my Pinterest account at all.  I've been pinning since before I started this blog (and is actually one of the main reasons I started blogging) and my boards are unorganized (hello ADD) and I haven't really sought out a following.  That needs to change, and now.  I was recommended Vincent Ng's 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page by a friend and have started working my way through the lessons.  It's all about how to organize, curate, and optimize your Pinterest account.  I'm probably not going to be able to get through all 31 lessons this month, but I'll try to do 3-4 per week.  I'm going to own Pinterst!
  • Speaking of Pinterest, I seriously need to improve my photography skills.  I've looked back at some of my images, and while they have gotten better over the years I just don't think they compete in the market.  I only have my iPhone to take pictures with, so until I can save up for a DSLR (#31 on my 101 in 1,001 list) I need to work on staging, lighting, editing, and creating visually appealing images.
  • I want to grow this little space on the internet into a slightly larger space on the internet.  If I'm going to do that, I need to treat it like a business, and businesses keep track of what they do.  I need a blog notebook - a place to write down ideas, numbers, goals, strategies, etc, etc, etc.  Can you tell I'm really embracing pen and paper again, lol?
  • Work on my editorial calendar.  Last month I had a vague outline hand scrawled on a scrap piece of paper that I couldn't really keep up with.  It was overly ambitious and full of great ideas, but I need to realistically figure out how often I can post and how long those posts actually take me to crank out (assuming the internet doesn't eat my post - so uncool).  I love my Manicure Monday posts, but like I said, I don't want this blog to turn into all Jamberry all the time, so I might change the name to Manicure Madness (or something - I like the double M, but I'm open to any ideas, so throw them at me), so I won't quite feel pressured to post 4 times a month about Jamberry when I only have 8 total posts for the month.  It's all about balance, people.
I know that's a lot of things to try to focus on for a very short month, but that's one of the good things about ADD, I can think about all these things at once, lol.  And I'm trying to train myself to think about all the things while focusing on one at a time.  The power of lists. 

Tell me what you want to get done in February.  Let's cheer each other on!!!

Day in the Life, February 1, 2015

Two years ago I started documenting the first day of every month by taking one photo every hour.  I can't believe I'm now starting my third year with this project.  I'm so thankful to have these days documented - I love going back and looking at all the ways my life has changed (and stayed the same), and it's unbelievable how much Jack has changed in just 2 years (go check out  my very first post in the series here to see just how little Jack was back then).  I know I slacked off a little with posting every month here on the blog, but they're all on Instagram.  Just like the last two Februarys, I'll be linking up with Simply Rebekah.  I always use #dayinthelife on Instagram, and this year, Rebekah added her own hashtag, #1photoeveryhour if you want to go follow everyone who took on this project.

We were out of town the weekend of the first for our godson's birthday.  Jack slept in bed with us (while we mostly tried to avoid toddler kicks and punches - I woke up with baby feet in my face more than once, lol), so when I woke up I snuck out of bed so I could have my morning coffee in peace.

8 am
nothing but legs

9 am
delicious breakfast cooked by Rachel

10 am
time to get dressed

11 am
Jack and Katy help me get set up for a Jamberry party

12 pm

1 pm
slideshow on Rachel's computer

2 pm
party time!
3 pm
Trinity's flawless application
4 pm
5 pm
choosing wraps

6 pm
heading home

7 pm
baby babble

8 pm
dinner break (and moments before that drink got spilled)

Shortly after this picture was taken, we got back on the road.  It was dark and Dennis was driving, so naturally, I fell asleep and missed the 9pm and 10pm pictures.  Dennis is a saint to let me pass out in the car on long drives.

11 pm
we might never get home

12 am
greetings from Bolivar

I wish I could say I went straight to bed, but after napping in the car, I stayed up too late vegging out to FB on my phone.  I got no pics of this because I was in a zombie half awake, half asleep stupor.

First thing the next morning (after we slept too late - wonder why that happened....), we put on Groundhog Day (affiliate link).

Groundhog Day

There you have it!  We had a great day this year and I can't wait to see what our February 1, 2016 looks like!!!  Check out all the other bloggers who linked up with Simply Rebekah.

January Wrap-Up and Photo Dump

Farewell, January, hello, February!!!  Another month over which means it's time for a wrap-up and photo dump.  January seemed to go on forever and fly by at warp speed all at the same time.  I tried not to make too many drastic New Year's changes all at once because that usually blows up in my face, but I have been making baby steps towards the goals I set up for myself this year.  I have definitely been more attentive with Jack this month, I didn't have a single overdraft fee (1 month down, 11 to go, woooohoooo), I've been looking into budget software, I got my new Erin Condren Life Planner (click here for $10 off your first purchase, and I get $10 off, too) and have used it every day since it arrived.  I'm obsessed with the damn thing and have spent waaaayyyyyy too much money on stickers, washi tape, and pens (but come on, PENS AND STICKERS!!!!).  I've managed to run 3 days a week every week this month, even when I was visiting my Mom, in cold, rainy weather, and even with a weird shin thing that's been going on.  I've also been focusing on Jamberry.  Everything I've done this month feels all loose and chaotic and pretty much without a plan because I'm just not good at rigid structure (although I need it), so I hope to work on focusing and planning a little more.

I feel like I did a good job with posting at the beginning of January and then petered off near the end of the month.  I had a vague editorial calendar set up, but once I started following it, it just didn't seem to have enough variety of topics.  But these things are living documents subject to change, and so I'm going to try to refine February's editorial calendar.  I looked back at what I posted in January, and I definitely need some more variety.  I still want to do my weekly feature, Manicure Monday, but as much as I love Jamberry, I don't want this blog to become all things Jamberry.  If it looks like that's going to happen, I'll just start a dedicated Jamberry blog, lol.  I try to write about my life around here, and Jamberry is definitely a huge part of my life, but I don't want my 5 loyal readers to get burnt out on the topic.  I listed my 2015 goals, posted my first Day in the Life post in quite a long time, dyed my hair purple, and spectated at this year's Houston Marathon.

So what didn't make it onto the blog this month?  Here's a photo dump to show what we've been up to lately.

Jack got an awesome train table and wooden train set this Christmas from Santa.  He plays with it all.the.time!

Unless Monster claims it for her own.

I would've loved to have done an outfit post this month, but wasn't able to get Dennis to take some pics for me.  So I had to opt for the hall mirror.  I clearly should not be attempting to take outfit pictures of myself in the hallway mirror.  Squeak agrees.

It was cold and then hot and then cold again this month.  Jack has not been enjoying the jogging stroller in any of the weather, so I had to bribe him with some animal crackers.  He still wasn't thrilled, but at least I was able to run that day.

At the beginning of the month, I successfully tricked Dennis into running with me several times.  He quickly caught on, but he and Jack still come out with me when I run.  They've got it much easier on the bike.  And Jack is quite the task master.  Every time he sees me walking, he points and says, "Mommy, run!" So I have to run.

Speaking of running, the day before the marathon, we went to the Memorial Hermann Ironman Sport's Medicine Institute Expo.  Next year I'll be better prepared and will score a new pair of running shoes on the cheap.

There was a really cool wall set up where you could write down your running goals.

Mine was fairly simple.

Jack put his own goal on the board, too

I took my monthly trip to visit my Mom.  Jack loves helping his Grandma do everything!

And I even managed to get in not one, but two runs while I was there.  This is what running in the cold looks like.

Things warmed up by the time we got back home, so I took Jack to ride the train at Hermann Park.

And then we went to the zoo.  I knew there was a petting zoo part of the Houston Zoo, but I didn't know you could go into a pen where you could brush goats.  Yes, you read that right, brush goats.  I liked that a lot better than feeding goats at a petting zoo - when food is involved the animals seem to get too aggressive, but when brushing is involved, it's all mellow all the time.

Jack also practiced climbing that day.

And he made it all the way to the top.

We went ice skating at Discovery Green (thanks to free tix from Houston on the Cheap).  This WILL get it's own post soon.  Jack LOVED IT!!!

Jack is growing so fast I can practically see it happening.  On Christmas day, he could barely reach these rings at the playground.  One month later, and he's flat-footed with an iron grip.

Look at this concentration

And last but not least, we went out of town to celebrate our godson, Reed's, third birthday.  We got really, really cheap gas thanks to my Kroger fuel points.

And Jack got to play in a huge foam pit at a gymnastics facility as part of the party.  I didn't want to leave.  Neither did Dennis and Jack.

And that's what we've been up to this month.  Now let's rock February!!!  What have ya'll been up to in January???
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