Bohemian Decor

I've been super obsessed with bohemian decor lately.  Bohemian decor is the perfect combination of color, texture, and design for me.  Elements of classic Victorian furniture come together with deep, rich colors, and funky patterns for an overall eclectic and unique feel.  The bohemian aesthetic is full of life, warmth, culture, and interesting curiosities.   It makes me think of Paris in the 1850's - artists, writers, actors, and musicians.

I still haven't decorated my living room (other than one coat of paint of a multi-paint plan), so I could very well scrap my plans for a simple and elegant mid-century modern formal living room (I've been watching a lot of Mad Men lately) and go for a La Boheme/Moulin Rouge gypsy bohemian eclectic living room.  Somehow I think the bohemian look is more representative of my personal style. {this paragraph contains affiliate links}

Either way, I've been collecting bohemian inspiration over on Pinterest and I really need a space to decorate like this.  If not my own living room, then someone else's.  Any takers?  Not that I want to start a new career, I just need an unlimited number of rooms to decorate in whatever style I'm currently obsessing over.  Check out my board and let me know what you think.  Any design styles you're obsessing over lately?

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  1. I love bright, funky colors but my husband prefers black/steel/modern stuff... so we've compromised on a brown fabric couch (opposed to a black leather one) which I decorate with bright pillows. I'm hoping to throw more color in the computer room (eventually). Right now its brown and black... like every other room in my house :)

  2. That's a tough compromise! When we bought our duplex everything was painted beige - I cannot live in a beige world, so the very first thing I did after we signed the papers was go buy paint. The only rooms I haven't' gotten to yet are the small hallway and the extra bedroom, ie, junk room.

    But I think touches of bright color are fun against neutrals. It makes them pop even more!


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