February Goals

I spent 2 hours yesterday writing this post and it was glorious - then the fucking internet ate it.
So this is the post you're getting now.

Starting the new year with a ton of goals and resolutions is an easy thing to do.  Sticking to those goals and fulfilling those resolutions for the entire year is another thing entirely.  January is an easy month to keep up with that list of things we all want to better in the new year, however, the farther away from January 1st you go, the fuzzier those resolutions get.  In an attempt to keep focused on what I hope to accomplish this year, here are those things I hope to do in February.

Personal Goals:
  • Date Night.  This was supposed to happen in January, too, but my MIL (AKA Jack wrangler) was unexpectedly called out of town, so we had no one to keep Jack for an evening.  February, however, she is in town and we have already planned a date night.  Color me excited!
  • Keep up with my Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP).  I'm obsessed with this thing!!!  I shouldn't even need to put this down as a goal because I cannot stop futzing with it (the stickers, OMG, I love the stickers!!!)  Want $10 off your first ECLP (or any other purchase at Erin Condren)?  Click here and use my referral code and we'll both get coupons.  Win-win!  This is also helping with some of my ADD symptoms.  I'm still thinking about professional help (and should probably look into it while things are good instead of when they take the inevitable downturn).

Fitness Goals:
  • Continue running.  This is really easier said than done considering I've been under the weather for the last couple of days.  I only missed one day of running in January, and I've already missed two in February.  I want to make them up, but don't want to push myself, but I also don't want to get out of the habit of running.  My overall running goal is to run 3 times a week, so we'll see how soon I can get back to it (and make up those missed days!!!)
  • Register for the Bayou City Classic 5K Fun Run (I'm not ready for the 10K...yet)
  • Add some core work to my exercise routine.  I can run all I want, but that's not doing a thing for my abs or lower back - and I really want to stop looking like I'm in my first trimester of pregnancy (unless Dennis finally agrees to knock me up again - then, and only then, is it okay to look like I'm pregnant)

Financial Goals:
  • No overdrafts.  So far, so good in January and I plan to keep it up in February.
  • No Spend February.  Okay, so I'm actually going to be doing No Spend February 16 - March 15, but that's still a calendar month, so it counts.  Plus it's #82 on my 101 in 1,001 list.
  • Create a (rough draft) budget.  I found an online budgeting tool, You Need a Budget and I downloaded their free trial.  So far (and granted, I've only used it once) I don't like the way things are set up, but I'll hang in there for the free trial and maybe it'll grow on me.  The website has some great advice, though, so maybe I'll use the advice and set up my own pen and paper budget.  I'm looking at you, Erin Condren.

Home Goals:
  • Once upon a time, when I first started this blog (and please don't go back through the archives, that shit is embarrassing), I was struggling to become a better homemaker.  I still suck at homemaking (but not as much as I did back then), so I'm going to start using some FlyLady principles again.  In January, I managed to do a weekly home blessing (and I call it my Power Hour - because saying home blessing kinda makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little).  I've been trying to do a Morning Routing and and Evening Routine every day, too, but thanks to ADD, I forget half the time.  Maybe I'll set a reminder on my phone (duh).
  • February is looking like a really busy month, so I won't be able to tackle any huge unfinished projects, but I am going to hang the art I have for Jack's room.  Little things add up after all.

Business Goals:
  • January was a good month for my Jamberry business.  Not great, but good, especially considering I all but abandoned it in November and December.  February is looking good, too - I already had one in home party and have some online parties scheduled, but I really need to work on my follow-up and business tracking.  I have access to a client tracking website, The Client Angel and need to start setting up my reminders and other businessy stuff there.  And if you want to host your own Jamberry party, feel free to contact me!!!  Wink-wink, nudge-nudge (see what I just did there??)
  • I've got a ton of ideas floating around in my brain space about starting my own massage place.  If I don't sit down and organize them and then use them to flesh out a plan, I'll be stuck at my job forever.  Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job (and I've been there almost 5 years), but there's zero room for advancement unless I leave, so I need to really psych myself up to make this move.  It's hella scary, but something I need to do for myself and my family.  But it's so scary.  So. Scary.

Blog Goals:
  • Pinterest is the #1 driver of traffic to blogs and I'm not utilizing my Pinterest account at all.  I've been pinning since before I started this blog (and is actually one of the main reasons I started blogging) and my boards are unorganized (hello ADD) and I haven't really sought out a following.  That needs to change, and now.  I was recommended Vincent Ng's 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page by a friend and have started working my way through the lessons.  It's all about how to organize, curate, and optimize your Pinterest account.  I'm probably not going to be able to get through all 31 lessons this month, but I'll try to do 3-4 per week.  I'm going to own Pinterst!
  • Speaking of Pinterest, I seriously need to improve my photography skills.  I've looked back at some of my images, and while they have gotten better over the years I just don't think they compete in the market.  I only have my iPhone to take pictures with, so until I can save up for a DSLR (#31 on my 101 in 1,001 list) I need to work on staging, lighting, editing, and creating visually appealing images.
  • I want to grow this little space on the internet into a slightly larger space on the internet.  If I'm going to do that, I need to treat it like a business, and businesses keep track of what they do.  I need a blog notebook - a place to write down ideas, numbers, goals, strategies, etc, etc, etc.  Can you tell I'm really embracing pen and paper again, lol?
  • Work on my editorial calendar.  Last month I had a vague outline hand scrawled on a scrap piece of paper that I couldn't really keep up with.  It was overly ambitious and full of great ideas, but I need to realistically figure out how often I can post and how long those posts actually take me to crank out (assuming the internet doesn't eat my post - so uncool).  I love my Manicure Monday posts, but like I said, I don't want this blog to turn into all Jamberry all the time, so I might change the name to Manicure Madness (or something - I like the double M, but I'm open to any ideas, so throw them at me), so I won't quite feel pressured to post 4 times a month about Jamberry when I only have 8 total posts for the month.  It's all about balance, people.
I know that's a lot of things to try to focus on for a very short month, but that's one of the good things about ADD, I can think about all these things at once, lol.  And I'm trying to train myself to think about all the things while focusing on one at a time.  The power of lists. 

Tell me what you want to get done in February.  Let's cheer each other on!!!


  1. I still don't really know how to utilize Pinterest for my blog... I pin some of my pictures but my boards need to some reorganizing too! And I need to check each pin to make sure it doesn't link to malware.

    I will admit to deleting a buttload of older posts on my blog. They weren't even worth re-editing!

    I need to do a no spend month. I swear, where does all my money go? I'll be interested to see how your month turns out.

    My brothers wife is an esthetician and eventually took out a loan to own her own spa, renting out the rooms to other ladies that offer various services (hair, massage, nails...). It was hard and stressful but she seems to really love what she has managed to create! I have no ambition or the mind for that kind of stress to be my own boss. But it can be done! You should see what commercial buildings are available and what the rent looks like to maybe start on your venture? I have no idea if thats the most sensical place to start, but that's what I would do.

  2. I'm terrified of the no-spend month. It's not like I really have (any) extra money right now, but psychologically I think it's going to be rough.

    I thought about deleting some of my old posts, but some other bloggers I know suggested I keep them since the overall theme of this blog is reinvention and the journey from a-z (but man, those old posts are embarrassing!!!).

    You should give the Pinterest Academy a try. It's not just about pinning with your own blog in mind, but growing a Pinterest following so when you do pin stuff from your blog it's more likely to be shared. We'll see how it goes - I think improving my photography around here will do as much if not more than the Pinterest lessons. Only time will tell, though.

    I know I'm dragging my feet about starting my own place and when I finally pull the trigger it'll be worth it, but it's just so damn scary!!! I know I can't let fear hold me back, but it's so scary!!!!

  3. That makes sense for your blog not to delete, it does tie into the whole theme of it :)

    I completely understand the not starting your own business thing just yet, being responsible for your entire income flow is pretty terrifying!


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