Ice Skating at Discovery Green

Every winter (and I use that term loosely here in Houston), Discovery Green erects an outdoor ice skating rink, and even if the weather is unseasonably warm, ice skating outside always has been and always will be amazeballs..  It's been a long time since I've gone ice skating (outside or otherwise), and in fact, the last time we were there it was actually snowing (yes, Hell Houston does actually get snow once in an almost never).  This year we didn't plan on going because we assumed Jack would be too little to skate, but I went to a Houston Bloggers meeting, and Vicki Powers from Houston on the Cheap was giving away comp tickets to the ice rink and I thought, what's to loose?!?

Best. Decision. Ever.

We were able to go the last week that the ice rink was open and we had so much fun!!!  I can't believe how small they make ice skates (and they were still too big for Jack), but we laced them up tight and they worked just fine.

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Jack was a little overwhelmed at first.  The rink wasn't too crowded, but there were still quite a few people skating, there was dance music playing, and disco lights (all very fun!).  Luckily, there was a tiny 10'x10' rink just for little kids set up, so we started there.  Den wanted to make sure Jack knew he was on ice, or at least that it was cold, so we sat him on the rink.  At first, Jack kept trying to pick up his feet and walk, but once we got him to glide there wasn't any stopping him.

What is this place?

This stuff is cold!


Jack wasn't long for the kiddie rink; as soon as he got used to gliding, he wanted off the ice, and started walking for the big rink where everyone else was.  Den and I took turns holding him while we skated.  Jack would've skated for hours if we had had the stamina.  Let me tell you how difficult it is to skate while balancing your two year old, all while trying to avoid other skaters, and not running over your child.  Nearly impossible, but so much fun!!!  And I can't wait to do it again.

We were only on the ice for about an hour, but we had such a great time!!!  I bet next year will be even more fun!  In fact, we might not wait till next year because several Houston malls have ice rinks, and Jack enjoyed this way too much to wait 10 more months to do this again.  Of course, nothing beats ice skating outside.  Have you ever ice skated outside?  What's your favorite winter tradition?

P.S.  I should add that today is our first day of our No Spend Month.  Wish us luck!!!


  1. Ice skating terrifies me! I've only been once and I couldn't let go of the side rail. It's great to see your little one so fearless!

  2. Well, he did have the added bonus of both of us holding his hands the entire time, lol. I remember the first time I tried ice skating and I couldn't let go of the side rail, either. I was so scared of falling!!! Things changed when I was a teen in the '90's and rollerblading was super popular - I got a pair for my birthday and was determined to use them. A few weeks later and I was rolling right along, and since rollerblading and ice skating are essentially the same, I've been much more confident on the ice. You should give it a try again!!!


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