January Wrap-Up and Photo Dump

Farewell, January, hello, February!!!  Another month over which means it's time for a wrap-up and photo dump.  January seemed to go on forever and fly by at warp speed all at the same time.  I tried not to make too many drastic New Year's changes all at once because that usually blows up in my face, but I have been making baby steps towards the goals I set up for myself this year.  I have definitely been more attentive with Jack this month, I didn't have a single overdraft fee (1 month down, 11 to go, woooohoooo), I've been looking into budget software, I got my new Erin Condren Life Planner (click here for $10 off your first purchase, and I get $10 off, too) and have used it every day since it arrived.  I'm obsessed with the damn thing and have spent waaaayyyyyy too much money on stickers, washi tape, and pens (but come on, PENS AND STICKERS!!!!).  I've managed to run 3 days a week every week this month, even when I was visiting my Mom, in cold, rainy weather, and even with a weird shin thing that's been going on.  I've also been focusing on Jamberry.  Everything I've done this month feels all loose and chaotic and pretty much without a plan because I'm just not good at rigid structure (although I need it), so I hope to work on focusing and planning a little more.

I feel like I did a good job with posting at the beginning of January and then petered off near the end of the month.  I had a vague editorial calendar set up, but once I started following it, it just didn't seem to have enough variety of topics.  But these things are living documents subject to change, and so I'm going to try to refine February's editorial calendar.  I looked back at what I posted in January, and I definitely need some more variety.  I still want to do my weekly feature, Manicure Monday, but as much as I love Jamberry, I don't want this blog to become all things Jamberry.  If it looks like that's going to happen, I'll just start a dedicated Jamberry blog, lol.  I try to write about my life around here, and Jamberry is definitely a huge part of my life, but I don't want my 5 loyal readers to get burnt out on the topic.  I listed my 2015 goals, posted my first Day in the Life post in quite a long time, dyed my hair purple, and spectated at this year's Houston Marathon.

So what didn't make it onto the blog this month?  Here's a photo dump to show what we've been up to lately.

Jack got an awesome train table and wooden train set this Christmas from Santa.  He plays with it all.the.time!

Unless Monster claims it for her own.

I would've loved to have done an outfit post this month, but wasn't able to get Dennis to take some pics for me.  So I had to opt for the hall mirror.  I clearly should not be attempting to take outfit pictures of myself in the hallway mirror.  Squeak agrees.

It was cold and then hot and then cold again this month.  Jack has not been enjoying the jogging stroller in any of the weather, so I had to bribe him with some animal crackers.  He still wasn't thrilled, but at least I was able to run that day.

At the beginning of the month, I successfully tricked Dennis into running with me several times.  He quickly caught on, but he and Jack still come out with me when I run.  They've got it much easier on the bike.  And Jack is quite the task master.  Every time he sees me walking, he points and says, "Mommy, run!" So I have to run.

Speaking of running, the day before the marathon, we went to the Memorial Hermann Ironman Sport's Medicine Institute Expo.  Next year I'll be better prepared and will score a new pair of running shoes on the cheap.

There was a really cool wall set up where you could write down your running goals.

Mine was fairly simple.

Jack put his own goal on the board, too

I took my monthly trip to visit my Mom.  Jack loves helping his Grandma do everything!

And I even managed to get in not one, but two runs while I was there.  This is what running in the cold looks like.

Things warmed up by the time we got back home, so I took Jack to ride the train at Hermann Park.

And then we went to the zoo.  I knew there was a petting zoo part of the Houston Zoo, but I didn't know you could go into a pen where you could brush goats.  Yes, you read that right, brush goats.  I liked that a lot better than feeding goats at a petting zoo - when food is involved the animals seem to get too aggressive, but when brushing is involved, it's all mellow all the time.

Jack also practiced climbing that day.

And he made it all the way to the top.

We went ice skating at Discovery Green (thanks to free tix from Houston on the Cheap).  This WILL get it's own post soon.  Jack LOVED IT!!!

Jack is growing so fast I can practically see it happening.  On Christmas day, he could barely reach these rings at the playground.  One month later, and he's flat-footed with an iron grip.

Look at this concentration

And last but not least, we went out of town to celebrate our godson, Reed's, third birthday.  We got really, really cheap gas thanks to my Kroger fuel points.

And Jack got to play in a huge foam pit at a gymnastics facility as part of the party.  I didn't want to leave.  Neither did Dennis and Jack.

And that's what we've been up to this month.  Now let's rock February!!!  What have ya'll been up to in January???


  1. Your son is growing up so quick!
    I wouldn't mind doing some outfit photos for my blog but I think I need to get a tripod and remote... don't think my husband would have the patience to take them!

  2. I should definitely locate my camera so I can use my tripod in a pinch....I don't have a remote, but the camera does have a timer....I don't know what's more awkward - setting the camera timer, running into place, trying to pose and then doing it all over again (inevitably getting caught by my neighbor), or being directed by my husband to give him "sexy face" (I don't have sexy face).

  3. Ah, the privacy issue as well! I don't want even my husband to see me making outfit photos. It's so embarrassing :/
    But I wouldn't mind seeing more of yours! You seem to have an eclectic assortment of clothing :)

  4. It's much easier when someone else is taking the pictures and I fully embrace being silly and goofy rather than being "sexy" and who better to be silly with than my husband - even if it is awkward, lol. I need to find some of the outtake pictures. He once told me to give him a bitch face and when we looked back through the pics, we both agreed it was probably too bitchy of a face and would scare people. Eclectic is definitely the word I'd use to describe my fashion sense (or glaring lack thereof....)

  5. Thanks! I love that pic, too (and the one of Jack hanging from the rings - the look on his face!!!) January is usually a pretty easy month to stick to goals/resolutions.....we'll see how I'm doing when July comes around and these ideas are (possibly) distant memories. But all I can do is get through February for now.


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