Day in the Life, March 1, 2015

March was a rough month, but not because of how things started out.  I was actually in Shreveport visiting my Mom on the first, so that was good.  But a week later, we had the time change, schedules got thrown off, we got sick, blah, blah, blah.  You know the schtick.  So here's last month's Day in the Life series, and maybe, just maybe, I'll get April's posted sometime in April.  Miracles do happen.

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7:30 am
Jack is up early and I'm trying to nurse him back to sleep

8:30 am
strong coffee because Jack didn't go back to sleep

9:30 am
Jack really wanted to play in the sink, and who is Grandma to deny Jack what he wants?
None of those are dirty dishes, btw, my Mom got out all those dishes just so Jack could play

10:30 am
Jack and Grandma are still playing in the sink and instead of cleaning the living room, I'm watching the only good adult movie on, Die Hard {affiliate link}

11:30 am
still playing in the water and practicing his newest skill

12:30 pm
Jack pretends he's sleepy, nurses a bit, but fights off his nap.  We're all exhausted and feel defeated.

1:30 pm
Chinese takeout.  Makes me hungry just looking at this picture.  Also found out that Jack LOVES egg drop soup

No 2:30 picture because, check this out, I took a nap.  Yes, me, myself, and I took advantage of the post Chinese takeout food-coma and the watchful eyes of Grandma, and I passed out for almost an hour in the middle of the day.  It. Was. EPIC.

3:30 pm
Shreveport had some snow a few days before we visited.  Mom saved some in the freezer so she could make a snowman with Jack.  Here's their creation.

4:30 pm
on the way to eat dinner with my Grandma, Jack fell asleep in the car and I took advantage of the opportunity to play some Ingress.  Don't know about Ingress?  Email me for an invite!  P.S.  Resistance is futile, join the Enlightenment!!

5:30 pm
we've arrived at my Grandma's, but Jack is still asleep

6:30 pm
Jack's favorite thing to play with at my Grandma's are these little brass ducks.  He takes them all over her house and calls them Mommy, Daddy, and Jack.  So cute.

7:30 pm
playing Jamberry BINGO in one of my FB parties

8:30 pm
Jack and his ducks

9:30 pm
almost bedtime

The next morning, we had to wake up at the ass-crack of pre-dawn to drive back to Houston, so we were both in bed by 10:30.  All in all, we had a fantastic day (and I'm so glad the first happened to fall on a day we were visiting my Mom).


  1. Now I want chinese takeout. Mmm...chinese takeout forever.

  2. I know, right?!? Our old house was too out of the way for anyone to deliver anything to us. Our new house, on the other hand, has an amazing Chinese delivery place - I don't even have to leave the house!!!!! Now THAT'S winning.


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