No Blog March

You know how bloggers like to come up with a catchy thing and make their blog themed for an entire month, you know, like Blog Every Day in May, or No Spend January, or Clean Eating in April?  Well, I decided to come up with my own:  No Blog March!!!!  And it's been a HUGE success.  I figured since my blog was finally gaining some momentum and traction that it was time to self-sabotage and I quit writing cold turkey (really, you should try's GREAT for your blog).  In the words of one of the most stable and well respected actors in the world, Charlie Sheen, "Winning!"  Unlike Charlie Sheen, my month long absence from blogging was not fueled by hookers, blow, and alcohol (but wouldn't that have been fun), but it was full of later than usual bedtimes (stupid time change), earlier than usual mornings (WTF?), fevers (stupid teething), and of course, a spring time cold (mine, not Jack's).  Good times.  Before I realized it, March was more than half over and I hadn't written a thing, so I figured, fuck it, let's make this A Thing.

I don't know exactly what went wrong in March, but our family schedule and routine just seemed way off and I couldn't seem to find any time to do anything.  And when I did find time to do something, my ADD would overtake me and I'd be paralyzed trying to figure out which of the million things I was behind on to try to focus on and accomplish (and yes, I'm bitching about my ADD again).  Needless to say, I've got more than a few half started things going on around here and not a single finished project (note to self:  find a doctor and get some effing ADD meds already!!!)

Here are some other monthly themes I brainstormed in case you're looking for inspiration:
Forget About Laundry in the Washer All April
Dirty All The Dishes in May
No-Poop Scoopin' June (for all the cat lovers out there)
Overdraft October
Binge Eat November
Seasonal Affective Disorder December

Here's to a better April.


  1. I was wondering where you were! I kept thinking o was overlooking your posts :)

    Life happens, so sometimes blogging has to take a back seat. The no poop scooping month sounds intriguing but I think my cats would revolt ;)

    I feel like my schedule has been a bit out of whack and my energy level has been dismal. My closet is normally pretty organized but right now.... it's pretty bad. There is stuff on the floor not even on hangers! I don't even have kids to blame. And I barely put away some stuff from CHRISTMAS.

  2. My biggest problem seems to be getting back on track once I'm derailed or even delayed. Missed a day (or a few days) of something - better give up now because I'm a complete failure. WTF, Brogan, get it together!!!!

    Don't worry about the Christmas stuff. I still have things in boxes from our move 2+ years ago!!! I need an assistant.......

  3. Oh man - this is great. I'm behind on my blog reading but this gave me a HUGE smile!

  4. I seem to be behind on everything right now - as usual......


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