Sunday Confessions

The United States of Becky

1.  I'm pretty sure I've eaten my weight in potatoes this weekend.  I know this sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I don't think I am.  I'm at my Mom's and she survives on potatoes, bacon, coffee, and nicotine - when in Rome, right - well, except for the nicotine.  I guess it's a good thing that I love potatoes almost as much as she does.

2.  I play this GPS based game on my smartphone, Ingress, and I'm rather obsessed with it.  So much so that when I didn't achieve a goal in the game today because of my own oversight it pretty much ruined the rest of my day.  So pissed.  Seriously.  Ruined most of my day.

3.  I cannot wait for Mad Max:  Fury Road to come out in theatres.  I guess this isn't really a confession, but I'm just so damn excited!!!  Also, Tom Hardy is pretty easy on the eyes, so there's that.

4.  Most parents complain about the children's show, Caillou, but I really love it and think it's good for Jack to watch.  It teaches good lessons and I think it's paced well for small children.  However, I can't stand Thomas the Train.  The trains are catty and mean to each other and if they don't serve a purpose then they're useless.  I've never seen a decent lesson from that show and the merchandise is stupid expensive. I wish it was a better show because Jack loves trains.  At least he's not obsessed with the show.

5.  I hope I can find the motivation and drive to work extra hard the next two weeks to get our garage apartment ready enough to see clients there once I'm officially self employed.  I know I won't get everything finished that I want to do to the space, so I'm trying to make a list of the absolute minimum of things I need to do to get ready.  I see little sleep and much coffee in my immediate future.

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Day in the Life, May 1, 2015

Time for another installment in my Day in the Life series.  I waited to get this post written because Rosalilium's Blog Every Day in May schedule includes a day in the life prompt, so I figured I'd wait till it came around to get this posted.  This first of the month was a busy day, but not at work.  I had the day off and made plans to hang out with my BFF, Daniel.  He had to work a half day, so Jack and I went to pick him up in the afternoon after a leisurely morning.

As always, I took my pictures on my iPhone using Instagram and if you're not following me already, you totally should, lol.  I also don't plan anything special or out of the ordinary - I just document one day per month with whatever I happen to have going on.

too early - so tired

getting my new business listed on

Mr. Sleepy-Head


digging in cat food

feeding the squirrels

on the way to Daniel's

Jack and his dandelions 


forget chopsticks, I've got chopforks

done at Costco

Zoobilee time!


one cool cat

Daniel took us out to eat at his favorite Indian restaurant

10 pm
Jack was so worn out from the day that he fell asleep on my boob in the restaurant

home and working on my first #BEDM post

playing Big Farm (which I used to play all.the.time)

So that was our super busy and fun start to May.  I feel really good about this month, and I can't wait to see what everyone's day in the life posts are.

Jack's Circus Nursery

Jack's circus themed nursery is my favorite room in the house.  When we first looked at our house, I immediately fell in love with the sun room off the master bedroom and knew it would be perfect for a nursery.  The baby would sleep in the cosleeper in our room, so the nursery would mostly be for toys and playtime, plus frequent diaper changes.  I remember deciding on a circus theme because it was delightfully gender neutral and I remember how horrible it was to paint those stripes, but how it was so worth it to get them done.  There have been lots of changes over the last couple of years to the nursery, but I haven't documented any of them here.  Most of those changes involved storing stuff in there until it could be integrated into the rest of the house, and there have been more instances of it being clutter filled with crap than I would like to admit (not that Jack would've known the difference - he was a baby and not yet mobile), but finishing the nursery exactly how I wanted it became a goal I knew I probably wouldn't achieve (no money, no time, loss of motivation, Jack changing and growing so quickly that I couldn't quite keep up).  Some days, I felt like finishing up the nursery was a lost cause - depressing, I know, but just once I wanted to completely design and execute to completion an entire room, and being so close to finishing the nursery made it feel like I was that much farther away from my goal.

And then it came time to get Jack a Big Boy Bed, and I panicked.  How could Jack be big enough for a real bed already?  I'm not done with the nursery yet and we're already turning it into a real bedroom?!?  Why is time passing so quickly???  How do I not have any good pictures of the nursery?  We've never even used the Montessori floor bed!!!  My baby is growing up so fast!!!  SLOW DOWN!!!  How sad, I thought, I haven't even finished the nursery.  Just once, I'd like to finish something I started.

So I figured I'd put on my big girl panties, stop complaining, and take some pictures of what the nursery has mostly looked like for the last two and a half years (I fully admit that I cleaned the room and made it presentable for picture's sake - Jack plays in this room, so most of the time it looks like a toy filled grenade has gone off in here).  "Finished" or not, this is the room that Jack knows - where he plays, where we hang out, where he learned to walk,  where he practiced tummy time, where he gets his diapers changed, where we live, and so I will document it as we have known it. 

This side of the room is my favorite.  Big Bear takes up most of Jack's Montessori floor bed, and Monster (the cat) the rest.  The cats definitely got more use out of this floor bed than Jack did, but it rolls up nicely and is great to travel with - very convenient to have a bed wherever we go.  Jack does like to cuddle with Big Bear and read books while sitting in his lap, though.  Dennis had the brilliant idea to put plants in the nursery, and I have somehow managed to keep them alive!  I love how they brighten up the room  - they definitely add an extra dimension to the space.

This glider has been on extended loan to us from my MIL.  I used to rock Jack while he had his marathon nursing sessions when he was a baby (with a book balanced on top of him, lol)  The stuffed animals usually sit here now, but Jack will sometimes climb up there with a book to read.  Speaking of books, that bookshelf is one I had when I was little and it's even more filled with books now.  Jack can just fit behind the glider to get to his books and toys on the bottom shelf.

I made sure to put pictures of Jack and I when we were babies (can you guess who is who?), plus a pic of Jack with his cousin, Olivia.  And those baby moccasins are on the feet of the baby in the big picture (still not telling you who is who).  That lamp is a hand me down from my Mom's neighbor and goes perfectly with all the other circus animals.  I love when hand me downs work so well without having to change them at all. 

I also made sure to put a picture of Dennis, Pigger, Butt-Naked, and I from one of my annual birthday trips to the circus.  This pic is from the year before we got pregnant - the next circus trip, I was 4 months pregnant (and when I came up with the idea for the nursery).  Too bad I don't have any good pics of that!  That crocodile is a flashlight that shines out of his mouth and makes a tick-tock sound while on.  It's one of Jack's favorites.

This is the view from our bedroom into the sunroom and where I keep most of Jack's playroom toys.  I try to apply Montessori principles (ie, simplicity and child led learning) in the home (try is the optimal word - I'm learning more every day, though), and I really love this bookcase for displaying Jack's things (our house is practically an Ikea showroom - the exact shelf has been discontinued, but that's a close second).  Jack has a lot more toys than this, but I've been trying to spread them throughout the house, and limit his choices of what he has to play with.  I like how clean and neat this looks, plus it makes it so much easier to clean up!  The polka dot rug is also from Ikea (I really should be sponsored by them, lol).  I like the contrast of the dots with the stripes on the wall.  I think they compliment each other without competing or being too busy.  I was originally looking for something zebra striped, but couldn't find anything in the price range I wanted.  When I found the Ikea rug (which was waaaaaayyyyyy under my price range), I couldn't say no!

Figuring out how to arrange this nursery posed some challenges.  The room is practically nothing but windows and doors, plus a huge opening to our master bedroom.  Obviously Jack's floor bed couldn't go on this side of the room because of these two doors - the door on the right goes to our storage closet which also has a door to the kitchen - kinda like a secret passage way (I know, right?!?), and the door on the left is one of my closets - don't judge, Jack's clothes are so tiny he doesn't need his own closet (yet).  I found this small set of dresser drawers on Craig's List years ago (and someday might even finish painting it) and knew it would fit perfectly between the two doors.  Put a changing pad on top, and BOOM, changing table.  The dresser overlaps both door frames just a smidge, but both doors can open, so that's all that counts (especially when space is at a premium).  I use that dresser to store all Jack's cloth diapers, so they're easily accessible.  Squeak love to sleep on the changing pad and when Jack was a little baby didn't even have to get out of the way for me to change a diaper.  Siegfried (the tiger), watches over the nursery.  I'm still thinking of putting a mirror below that amazing carousel on the wall, but don't want to detract from its awesomeness.  My Mom also bought me that hot air balloon mobile while we were visiting friends in Kilgore (and I was pregnant).  She said it was for me, but we both knew who it was really for.

One of my clients gifted this carousel to me when I was pregnant.  I think it's one of the coolest things in the room.  I'm so lucky to have such wonderful and thoughtful clients.  I mean, how perfect is this merry-go-round?!?  I couldn't have thought up something this awesome.  

Between the storage closet door and the opening to the master bedroom is just enough space to put Jack's dresser and the dirty diaper bin.  There's exactly the right amount of space to stand between the changing dresser and Jack's clothes dresser to change a dirty diaper without feeling cramped or confined.  I keep Jack's socks and hats in the two blue boxes on top of his dresser along with his wipes warmer and other diaper essentials.  The dresser is a hand me down from my Grandma (and needs a new paint job - any suggestions? - I'm at a loss)  My Mom gave me that cool vintage Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey poster (there's another one on the wall above the floor bed) that look too perfect in the room.  I really have gotten lucky with having all these hand-me downs and random furniture work so well in this space.

This wipe warmer is hands down my favorite piece of baby swag (well, it might tie with the sleeping swing I got as a hand me down from my bosses).  My Aunt Maggie surprised me with the warmer in the mail when I was pregnant and I thought it was a cool, but unnecessary baby gadget.  Man, oh man, was I wrong!!!  Jack didn't mind cold wipes on his butt, but having warm wipes felt like such a nice and loving touch.  She also sent me the sock monkey scented wax warmer.  Definitely a necessity when there's a can of dirty diapers right next to you!  Also, I'm obsessed with Burt's Bees products and LOVE their baby stuff.  Hands down my favorite powder, butt cream, bubble bath, and lotion {all affiliate links, lol}

One last picture before I wrap up this post.  This is the other vintage Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey poster from my Mom.  Dennis and I thought this one would be a better choice to go above Jack's bed - the clown one is cool, but we didn't want to cause any nightmares.  Those two posters and the carousel are the only things I've managed to hang on the wall.  I've mentioned before how I plan to hang the rest of the pictures and art in here, and hopefully I'll get to that sooner rather than later, but only time will tell. 

Even though I don't feel like the nursery is finished (and it's now a BEDROOM!), I'm so glad I took the time to take these pictures.  I love this room so much that I don't want to have any negative feelings from it (even if those feelings stem from my inadequacies and not the room itself).  Looking at these pictures makes me realize how much I have accomplished in here and it makes me feel much better.

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Throwback Thursday: Jamberry Aloha Flower and Koi Skinny

I feel like I'm cheating a little with my Blog Everyday in May challenge, but Jamberry's new Throwback Thursday specials are too cool to not mention here (plus, a little shameless self promition never hurt anyone).  All summer long, Jamberry will be re-releasing two retired designs at a time for a limited time.  These beauties are only available until May 11, 2015, so you should totally get some while they're available!!!  Don't miss out!

First up are the previously retired designs, Aloha Flower and Koi Skinny.  These two designs already compliment each other and are perfect for Summer, but you could also pair Koi Skinny with Book Worm, Mad Mod, Navy Stripe, Trunk ShowPuppy Love, Oh Deer, or Cool Tiger.  Apparently, I'm really feeling the orange/blue complimentary thing today - Go Mets!!!.  I actually picked out several other designs to pair with Koi Skinny, but I can only list so many options, lol.  Aloha Flower needs no compliment in my opinion (well, except maybe with Koi - they just match too perfectly)!

I know I'll be ordering these two Throwback Thursday designs along with the Nepal Relief wraps (see yesterday's post about them here - you can get the Nepal Relief wraps until Saturday) and with Jamberry's Buy 3, Get 1 FREE deal, I'll have to narrow down which of these I'll get to pair up with Koi Skinny.  Which would you choose?  One of the ones I listed here, or would you go in a completely different direction?  I'm always up for suggestions!!!  

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Jamberry Nepal Relief

It's been awhile since I've posted anything about Jamberry, but this was just too important not to blog about.  Jamberry has released a limited edition wrap to raise money for relief in Nepal after the earthquake and avalanches/landslides.  100% of net proceeds from the sale of all Nepal Relief wraps will go directly to UNICEF.  Net proceeds means the profit Jamberry gets from each wrap sold - the purchase price of the wrap minus overhead, manufacturing costs, and commissions.  I receive between 30% and 40% in commissions, depending on how much I sell per month, so the largest cost to Jamberry is the commissions it pays out to its consultants.  I will be donating 100% of my commission from the sale of the Nepal Relief wraps to UNICEF, meaning nearly 100% of the purchase price of these wraps will be donated to the relief efforts in Nepal.  The Nepal Relief wraps also qualify for Jamberry's regular Buy 3, Get 1 FREE offer.  One sheet of wraps retails for $15 (+ tax & shipping) and you get 2 manicures and 2 pedicures (plus a few accent nails) out of one sheet of wraps - if you take advantage of the B3G1 deal, you end up with 8 manicures and 8 pedicures for $45 (+ tax & shipping) making each mani/pedi cost you a little over $5.  You can't get a better deal than that and your money is going straight to help those in need.  These wraps are only available until 9 a.m., MDT.  I know I'll be getting mine.

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May Goals

I've been so busy getting things done in April that I haven't even really thought about what I want to accomplish in May (not that I usually think very far ahead, anyway).  Obviously, I plan to Blog Every Day in May with Rosalilium and to work my butt off to get everything ready to open my business when I'm no longer officially employed by someone else, but there are other things I need to think about, too, so here's my list of May Goals.

Personal Goals:

  • I'm not going to call it a "date night" because that has proven to be dangerous for the health of Den's family, but I am going to (hopefully) arrange an evening where just the two of us can go to Pinot's Palette and paint.  As cheesey as I find most of their date night paintings, I really like this one, and it beats having 2 of the exact same painting.  So maybe I should just officially call this goal Go to Pinot's Palette.
  • Keep on top of my schedule.  I know I've said this one before, and I've actually been doing pretty well at scheduling things and really doing them, but I have a bad habit of getting the ball rolling on something like this and completely coming to a standstill because I'm so busy patting myself on the back for what I've done that I stop looking at what I still need to do.  Keeping up with my schedule is not one of those goals I can cross off my list and be done with it - I have to list it every month because it's a forever goal.  My ECLP (click here for $10 off your own epic planner) definitely makes it easier to keep up with, though.

Fitness Goals: (yeah, this should be funny)

  • RUN A 5K FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!  Seriously.  This NEEDS to be crossed off my to-do list.  The Renaissance Run is coming up this month, but I've waited so long to register that prices through the roof.  I need to find a different obstacle run if I don't bite the bullet and sign up for this one, though.  I also found a 5K in Shreveport that I can do the weekend I visit - 2 5Ks in one month after not running for far too long???  This might just be the motivation I need to get back out there.  We'll see by month's end how this all plays out.....
  • Buy a scale.  My scale died a looooong time ago, and while fitness isn't a number on the scale, seeing that number usually helps motivate me.  I know I've gained back a lot of weight lately, but I haven't been dieting eating smart or exercising, so I can't exactly complain about it, but if I don't start monitoring it, I know I won't be motivated.
  • Join the YMCA.  We just got done paying off one of our bills, and that money could totally go towards a family Y membership.  Dennis isn't sold on the idea because he thinks we're too busy to go regularly, but I'm going to try to change his mind with the argument of swim lessons for Jack and free Parent's Night Out child care on Friday nights.

Financial Goals:

  • No overdrafts.
  • Streamline how I use my multiple bank accounts for budgeting (and maybe even post about it).
  • Figure out what to do with our tax return.  Pay bills?  A big house maintenance project?  Bookcases and shelves in the living room?  Decisions, decisions.... 

Home Goals:

  • Now that I have the house in a semi-presentable state, I hope to keep it that way.  I'm already doing consistent weekly cleanings (that I dub my Power Hour), and I've started to implement more of the FlyLady system.  I need to find the balance of keeping the house maintained and having systems/to-do's without overwhelming myself.

Business Goals:

  • This needs its own blog post.  In short, get my business and space ready to open.  My first official day of business is slated for May 26th.
  • Organize my Jamberry business supplies.  Obviously I won't be focusing on Jamberry this month, but I hope to get back to it in June, but in the mean time, my business stuff has been getting more and more disorganized.  I could easily spend an hour or two one night after Jack goes to bed just organizing all my supplies.  Having them organized will make it so much easier when I get back to it and it'll make me feel like I'm not 100% ignoring Jamberry.

Blog Goals:

  • Blog Every Day in May.  Duh.  Or if not every day (um, this was supposed to go up last night, but tired), then have a total of 31 posts this month.
  • Read some of the other #BEDM blogs.  I'm crazy busy and lucky to just get my posts up at the end of the day, but I hope to be able to support some of the other bloggers taking this challenge.  I should schedule time to binge read/comment on other's posts.  
There - I think that's MORE than enough to keep me busy for quite a long time.  Now, I'm off to paint.....what do you have cooking in May?

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Sunday Confessions

Sunday Confessions

1.  I think I might be too tired to come up with any good confessions this week, but to be fair, this is my first time linking up with The United States of Becky, so I guess my confession juices aren't flowing.....

2.  I haven't read a book in 12 months (maybe more).  I used to read 2 or more books a month and I have a room full of unread books just mocking my lack of free time.  But don't stop getting me books, Mom, I promise I'll get to them someday!!!

3.  I'm obsessed with S'mores Frappuccinos from Starbucks.  If I could fill a bathtub up with them and bathe in them, I totally would.  Don't ever go away, S'mores Frappuccino, you're my beverage soulmate.  Obviously, I'm a Basic Bitch

4.  I spent the evening painting the ceiling in my new massage studio.  I'm too exhausted to take a shower tonight, so I'll be sleeping in my pajamas and a thin spattering of paint on my face and hands.  #keepingitreal

5.  #iloveusinghashtagsentences

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April Wrap-Up

April is over and I have to say, I'm sad to see it go.  A lot, and I mean A LOT of stuff happened over the month (or rather, some significant things happened).  I've been busy as usual and didn't quite find the time to write as much as I had hoped - I even wrote out a rough editorial calendar, but life happens and I didn't keep up with it....I'll explain all that in just a bit - hang in there.

I set some goals for myself in April, and while I didn't accomplish them all, I feel like I did pretty well with staying on track.  And even though there are some things I didn't do, I don't feel like I got derailed.  It feels more like I had to switch the train to a different track that I wasn't expecting to travel on quite yet.

Here are my April Goals and how I measured up to them:

Personal Goals:

  • Date Night.  I'm never writing the words "date" and "night" together in my planner ever again.  Why, you ask?  Well, I fear for the health of Den's family.  In January, I put those two fateful words in my ECLP (click here for $10 off your own ECLP), and my MIL had to fly to California to take care of her sick sister.  I wrote those same words in my planner for April, and guess what, my MIL had to go to Austin to take care of her sick brother.  Clearly, Den's family cannot handle us scheduling a date night (I worry just typing those words here).  Perhaps I should start calling it Mommy and Daddy go out without Jack night or something.....
  • Keep a Schedule.  Surprisingly I've managed to stay on top of my schedule this month.  I've been using my ECLP like a boss and it's really helped me to, if not actually maintain focus, be more intentional with how I spend my time.  More intentional time = more shit done = happier Jess (and Den).  I call this one a win.
Fitness Goals:
  • Finding a way to workout even if I can't run.  Nope.  Nada, not even a little.  I was just too busy this month doing other stuff.  I really missed working out, but I got A LOT of other stuff done - mainly things around the house and a few business-y things, but things that are no longer looming over my head.  I think I'll be able to dedicate more time to working out knowing some of my baggage isn't about to fall on my head for the time being.
  • Participate in a 5K.  Hahahahahahahahahaha.  Nope.  But I'd better get on that if I'm going to get anywhere near my year's goal of three 5Ks, an obstacle run, and a 10K
  • The fitness challenge.  Can you guess where this is going?  Yeah.  Didn't get past day one with this one.  Oh well, there's always May.....

Financial Goals:
  • No Overdrafts.  Done!  I'm almost getting good at this whole being an adult thing.
  • Make a budget.  Sorta.  I came up with an idea of how to restructure how I use our multiple bank accounts and for me to put a little more money into the household bills.  It's not exactly a budget, but I think it's a better starting place than I've been at.

Home Goals:
  • Morning and Evening Routines, plus a clean kitchen sink.  The morning and evening routines were a little hit or miss.  I'm struggling with the evening routine because we never seem to be home at the same hour, we never eat at the same time, and Jack has a bedtime window that has a pretty big variance.  I slacked off around the middle of the month, but by the end seemed to get a little more focused on the routines.  They're definitely not actually routines at this point.  I have to remember to do the few things on my list instead of just automatically doing them, but change happens slowly and I don't feel horrible about where I am with things.  The dishes were hit or miss, but, again, things were looking bad by the middle of the month, but better by the end.
  • Get Jack a new bed and organize his room.  DONE!!!  I need to post some pics, but Jack now officially has a big boy bed in his own room.  He transitioned out of his co-sleeper much better than I did.  I'm the one who has been losing sleep and crying about it.
  • Another thing I managed to accomplish this month is actually getting our house organized enough to not be embarrassed to have people over.  We had some friends that stayed with us for a few nights last week, and I completed a major Spring Cleaning overhaul on the house.  We still have a lot of stuff in boxes, but I managed to organize them all in one room, and actually arrange and clean the rest of the house.  I feel so much better about myself, about life, and about our house than I did at the beginning of the month.  Just having a clean and somewhat organized house is already making me feel like I can focus on and accomplish other goals.  Plus I hope it's going to be easier to maintain the house while working on side home projects.
Business Goals:
  • Jamberry Training.  Well, I'm sorry to say, I didn't do any of my Jamberry training, aside from making a list of 100 people to contact.  But I have good reason for shifting my focus temporarily away from Jamberry. 
  • The reason I wasn't able to focus on my Jamberry business is because I finally, finally took the leap to start my own massage business.  I've been doing some behind the scenes work on a website and business plan the last couple of months (and have been purposefully vague about in on my blog in case the owners of where I work were to see it), and on this past Wednesday, I officially put in my 3 weeks notice.  Yes, I'm quitting my job to become a rogue massage therapist.  And I'm freaking the fuck out.  But it's going to be okay.  Getting everything ready to put in my notice is what has kept me too busy to blog, too busy to workout, too busy for Jamberry, and pretty much too busy for anything else this month - that and the paralysing fear of failure/success.  At the start of April, I was still telling myself that someday I'd put in my notice, but the stars aligned, and the opportunity presented itself and that someday has arrived.
Blog Goals:
  • Post regularly in April.  Things started off better at the beginning of the month.  I actually managed to write most of my posts ahead of time, but then my focus shifted to starting my business.  I'm happy that I posted what I posted and really liked having my posts scheduled ahead of time.  However, scheduling my posts was a double edged sword.  When I knew I had a post scheduled, I was less likely to sit down and write the next post to add to my queue - there wasn't as much urgency, so it was easier to push to the back burner - but that quickly led to me being out of scheduled posts to rely on.  But it's the first time I've ever managed to write more than one post ahead of time.  It was different, and I certainly learned from it.
  • Editorial Calendar.  I made one, but obviously didn't stick to it.  I am glad that I have a good handful of ideas that I haven't used yet that I can rely on in the future.  Obviously I need to tweak things and get used to planning and scheduling posts in advance, though.  It was nice to start the month with a plan, but just like with scheduling posts, setting my editorial calendar was a double edged sword.  The ideas were planned and on paper and not bouncing around in my head as much.  Not as much bouncing around in my ADD brain created more space for other things and those other things made me forget about writing (I was busy this month, but definitely could've gotten a few more posts done).  As with all things, there's a learning curve.
  • Spring Clean my blog.  Working on my massage website and all other business tasks took a front seat to this.  I can tidy up around here any time.
So there you have it.  April turned out to be a pretty bang up month.  I'm happy with all the things I got done, and I feel like I set up the ground work to have a happy, productive, and maybe even more focused May.  The next three weeks are going to be crazy while I dot my t's and cross my i's to get all the finishing touches put on my business, but everything feels like it's in the right place for once.  How was your April?  Did you accomplish your goals - did you have an opportunity present itself that you couldn't say no to?  Did you end the month where you thought you would?

P.S.  I'm furiously writing trying to get this posted before midnight (which I didn't) as part of Rosililium's Blog Every Day in May Challenge, so I didn't have time to go through all the pics on my phone for my usual month end photo dump.  That'll have to be another post for another day (more content, yay!)

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Blog Every Day in May, Part Trois (#BEDM)

Blog Every Day in May badge

Well, I'm at it again, taking Rosalilium's Blog Every Day in May challenge for the third year in a row.  The first go round, I did pretty well and almost blogged every day; the second go round was pretty dismal, so if I can fall anywhere between the two, I'll be happy.  Last year, my heart just wasn't in it and life was busy.  This year, I think my heart is in it, but my life is even busier, so we'll just have to wait and see how all this plays out.  I was planning a different post for today, but, well, I've been so busy today that I'm just now sitting down at the computer to get anything done (and I'd love to get to sleep sometime tonight......).

So, if you're new here and found me thanks to the #BEDM challenge, welcome!!! I don't have an About Me page worth reading because I never know where to start with one - feel free to ask me any questions you might have - it might be a good place for me to start an About Me, lol.  I did make some fun random facts lists on this post and this post, so I suppose that's as good a place as any to start.  I also do a monthly photo an hour project that you can find on my Instagram account (just look for the #dayinthelife and #reinventingjess tags to easily see previous months).

If you're one of the tiny handful of people who read The Reinvention of Jessica, feel free to join in on the #BEDM challenge.  Rosalilium has listed an entire month of topics and all the other bloggers taking the challenge can be found here.  It's not too late to start!!!!  I'm getting my first post up at 11:50 pm, lol!!!

Here's to a happy month of blogging!!!  Cheers!
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