Jamberry Nepal Relief

It's been awhile since I've posted anything about Jamberry, but this was just too important not to blog about.  Jamberry has released a limited edition wrap to raise money for relief in Nepal after the earthquake and avalanches/landslides.  100% of net proceeds from the sale of all Nepal Relief wraps will go directly to UNICEF.  Net proceeds means the profit Jamberry gets from each wrap sold - the purchase price of the wrap minus overhead, manufacturing costs, and commissions.  I receive between 30% and 40% in commissions, depending on how much I sell per month, so the largest cost to Jamberry is the commissions it pays out to its consultants.  I will be donating 100% of my commission from the sale of the Nepal Relief wraps to UNICEF, meaning nearly 100% of the purchase price of these wraps will be donated to the relief efforts in Nepal.  The Nepal Relief wraps also qualify for Jamberry's regular Buy 3, Get 1 FREE offer.  One sheet of wraps retails for $15 (+ tax & shipping) and you get 2 manicures and 2 pedicures (plus a few accent nails) out of one sheet of wraps - if you take advantage of the B3G1 deal, you end up with 8 manicures and 8 pedicures for $45 (+ tax & shipping) making each mani/pedi cost you a little over $5.  You can't get a better deal than that and your money is going straight to help those in need.  These wraps are only available until 9 a.m., MDT.  I know I'll be getting mine.

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