May Goals

I've been so busy getting things done in April that I haven't even really thought about what I want to accomplish in May (not that I usually think very far ahead, anyway).  Obviously, I plan to Blog Every Day in May with Rosalilium and to work my butt off to get everything ready to open my business when I'm no longer officially employed by someone else, but there are other things I need to think about, too, so here's my list of May Goals.

Personal Goals:

  • I'm not going to call it a "date night" because that has proven to be dangerous for the health of Den's family, but I am going to (hopefully) arrange an evening where just the two of us can go to Pinot's Palette and paint.  As cheesey as I find most of their date night paintings, I really like this one, and it beats having 2 of the exact same painting.  So maybe I should just officially call this goal Go to Pinot's Palette.
  • Keep on top of my schedule.  I know I've said this one before, and I've actually been doing pretty well at scheduling things and really doing them, but I have a bad habit of getting the ball rolling on something like this and completely coming to a standstill because I'm so busy patting myself on the back for what I've done that I stop looking at what I still need to do.  Keeping up with my schedule is not one of those goals I can cross off my list and be done with it - I have to list it every month because it's a forever goal.  My ECLP (click here for $10 off your own epic planner) definitely makes it easier to keep up with, though.

Fitness Goals: (yeah, this should be funny)

  • RUN A 5K FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!  Seriously.  This NEEDS to be crossed off my to-do list.  The Renaissance Run is coming up this month, but I've waited so long to register that prices through the roof.  I need to find a different obstacle run if I don't bite the bullet and sign up for this one, though.  I also found a 5K in Shreveport that I can do the weekend I visit - 2 5Ks in one month after not running for far too long???  This might just be the motivation I need to get back out there.  We'll see by month's end how this all plays out.....
  • Buy a scale.  My scale died a looooong time ago, and while fitness isn't a number on the scale, seeing that number usually helps motivate me.  I know I've gained back a lot of weight lately, but I haven't been dieting eating smart or exercising, so I can't exactly complain about it, but if I don't start monitoring it, I know I won't be motivated.
  • Join the YMCA.  We just got done paying off one of our bills, and that money could totally go towards a family Y membership.  Dennis isn't sold on the idea because he thinks we're too busy to go regularly, but I'm going to try to change his mind with the argument of swim lessons for Jack and free Parent's Night Out child care on Friday nights.

Financial Goals:

  • No overdrafts.
  • Streamline how I use my multiple bank accounts for budgeting (and maybe even post about it).
  • Figure out what to do with our tax return.  Pay bills?  A big house maintenance project?  Bookcases and shelves in the living room?  Decisions, decisions.... 

Home Goals:

  • Now that I have the house in a semi-presentable state, I hope to keep it that way.  I'm already doing consistent weekly cleanings (that I dub my Power Hour), and I've started to implement more of the FlyLady system.  I need to find the balance of keeping the house maintained and having systems/to-do's without overwhelming myself.

Business Goals:

  • This needs its own blog post.  In short, get my business and space ready to open.  My first official day of business is slated for May 26th.
  • Organize my Jamberry business supplies.  Obviously I won't be focusing on Jamberry this month, but I hope to get back to it in June, but in the mean time, my business stuff has been getting more and more disorganized.  I could easily spend an hour or two one night after Jack goes to bed just organizing all my supplies.  Having them organized will make it so much easier when I get back to it and it'll make me feel like I'm not 100% ignoring Jamberry.

Blog Goals:

  • Blog Every Day in May.  Duh.  Or if not every day (um, this was supposed to go up last night, but tired), then have a total of 31 posts this month.
  • Read some of the other #BEDM blogs.  I'm crazy busy and lucky to just get my posts up at the end of the day, but I hope to be able to support some of the other bloggers taking this challenge.  I should schedule time to binge read/comment on other's posts.  
There - I think that's MORE than enough to keep me busy for quite a long time.  Now, I'm off to paint.....what do you have cooking in May?

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  1. Ooh, another ambitious month - you can do it! :)

  2. Well, I need to get started on making my 101 in 1001 list. I want to start that next month! I really do like those, they're a lot of fun! That and these challenges, that is. Oh yeah I installed Disqus on my blog because people were having trouble with my spam filter. Just in case you didn't find the feature, it's in your disqus general settings at and it's called guest commenting.


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