Sunday Confessions

Sunday Confessions

1.  I think I might be too tired to come up with any good confessions this week, but to be fair, this is my first time linking up with The United States of Becky, so I guess my confession juices aren't flowing.....

2.  I haven't read a book in 12 months (maybe more).  I used to read 2 or more books a month and I have a room full of unread books just mocking my lack of free time.  But don't stop getting me books, Mom, I promise I'll get to them someday!!!

3.  I'm obsessed with S'mores Frappuccinos from Starbucks.  If I could fill a bathtub up with them and bathe in them, I totally would.  Don't ever go away, S'mores Frappuccino, you're my beverage soulmate.  Obviously, I'm a Basic Bitch

4.  I spent the evening painting the ceiling in my new massage studio.  I'm too exhausted to take a shower tonight, so I'll be sleeping in my pajamas and a thin spattering of paint on my face and hands.  #keepingitreal

5.  #iloveusinghashtagsentences

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  1. You linked to my quiz!!!! #youaretooawesome #andialsolikemakingsentencehashtags (my instagram is full of them, they make me laugh)

    Im excited for your own business, you will be doing blog updates on that, right?

  2. Thanks for linking up - I really enjoyed reading your post. OH MY GOD - I have never heard of S'mores Frappuccino but now I want one more than anything in the world - sounds SO good! Get in my tummy!

  3. I've been trying to find a way to link to that quiz - fucking HILARIOUS!!!

    And, yes, I will be blogging about business updates, especially the painting and remodeling stuff..... #stillsonervoustobeselfemployed


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