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1.  I'm pretty sure I've eaten my weight in potatoes this weekend.  I know this sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I don't think I am.  I'm at my Mom's and she survives on potatoes, bacon, coffee, and nicotine - when in Rome, right - well, except for the nicotine.  I guess it's a good thing that I love potatoes almost as much as she does.

2.  I play this GPS based game on my smartphone, Ingress, and I'm rather obsessed with it.  So much so that when I didn't achieve a goal in the game today because of my own oversight it pretty much ruined the rest of my day.  So pissed.  Seriously.  Ruined most of my day.

3.  I cannot wait for Mad Max:  Fury Road to come out in theatres.  I guess this isn't really a confession, but I'm just so damn excited!!!  Also, Tom Hardy is pretty easy on the eyes, so there's that.

4.  Most parents complain about the children's show, Caillou, but I really love it and think it's good for Jack to watch.  It teaches good lessons and I think it's paced well for small children.  However, I can't stand Thomas the Train.  The trains are catty and mean to each other and if they don't serve a purpose then they're useless.  I've never seen a decent lesson from that show and the merchandise is stupid expensive. I wish it was a better show because Jack loves trains.  At least he's not obsessed with the show.

5.  I hope I can find the motivation and drive to work extra hard the next two weeks to get our garage apartment ready enough to see clients there once I'm officially self employed.  I know I won't get everything finished that I want to do to the space, so I'm trying to make a list of the absolute minimum of things I need to do to get ready.  I see little sleep and much coffee in my immediate future.

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  1. Oh my God, I have potato envy. If I could, I would live like your mother, except take out nicotine and add cheese (and also soda). Mmm...loaded cheese fries with bacon and scallions and maybe a bit of sour cream or ranch on the side...holy shit I might foodgasm.

    I admit I get really excited for when I'm going to go to a movie, because it's not a real common event. Hubs and I are supposed to go see "Hot Pursuit" in a day or two, and I am really looking forward to a good cheery comedy - and I love Reese Witherspoon. Thanks for linking up again! I love reading everyone's confessions. :)

  2. Ingress looks so cool! I can see how it could potentially be a day-ruiner though. Those types of things get SO addictive. A few years ago I had my stepdad's old cell phone that was made eight years ago for people who do extreme sports, so it was this bulky reinforced box-looking thing but it had all sorts of cool tracker-y apps on it. There was one that kept track of how many steps you took and told you how far you'd gone on all different famous trails. I left it at home a few times and was more mad about not getting farther on my trails than I was about, you know, not having a phone for a day.

    I've heard vague things about parents not digging Caillou - what is their problem with it, do you know? Isn't it just about a little bald child having adventures?

  3. (Your posts arent showing up for me in my bloglovin app, it might just be in my end so i will have to check on my laptop whats going on)

    Nothing wrong with a potato diet ;) my husband is always teasing me about how much i love potatoes. But i really dont cook them much at home.

    My husband is very excited for mad max, its gotten super great reviews so far.

  4. I know I'm behind on everything, but as I look through comments and finish up a new post, my husband is peeling potatoes for dinner, lol! We saw Mad Max for Father's Day and fucking LOVED IT!!! Hope you enjoyed your movie, too!

  5. I'm not sure exactly why parents (stay at home moms mostly it seems) hate Caillou so much. I hear them call him whiny and spoiled quite often, but I just think it's the voice actor doing a kid voice. Caillou does go through typical kid difficulties (like not wanting to share or forgetting his favorite sweater on the playground) and he goes to his parents for help and guidance - apparently people think that means he's a co-dependent, whiny, demanding, brat - I call that being a kid who knows he can rely on his parents when he needs help.

  6. I bet my posts aren't showing up because I haven't been writing, lol (as I type this response two months after you commented). #getyourshittogetherjessica


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