7 Acre Wood Pumpkin Patch

It's Fall and that means it's time for pumpkins, s'mores, cider, and cooler temperatures.  Here in Houston, we're short on cooler temperatures (and, therefore, s'mores and cider - for now), but we do have an abundance of pumpkin patches to choose from.  I love a good pumpkin patch.  Especially one that also has hayrides, giant sandboxes, mini-golf, and a petting zoo.  Enter 7 Acre Wood, just north of Houston in Conroe, TX.  7 Acre Wood has all that plus pony rides, a zip line, ping pong, horseshoes, and more!  Naturally we had to take Jack.

When we first arrived at 7 Acre Wood, a small pumpkin patch with a wagon was arranged in front of the ticket office.  There was a nice shady tree with a porch swing and there were plenty of places to take pictures.  It was very inviting.  Jack climbed right into the wagon and we finally had to coax him out so we could go play inside.

hmmmm, should I go inside or stay in the wagon?
As soon as we convinced Jack to go inside the entrance building, we were greeted with another small pumpkin display.  I was in pumpkin heaven!  I tried my best to get Jack to sit still long enough to get some pictures, but he had other ideas.  Pfft, toddlers and their ideas and opinions. #whatever  I did manage to get one good picture of him sitting with pumpkins, but he mostly wanted to dig through the giant tub of miniature pumpkins.  Again, toddlers with their independent ideas.

Now that I finally had some decent pictures of Jack and pumpkins, we were free to enjoy the rest of our afternoon.  First up was feeding the goats.  It was suggested that we feed the goats through the fence and then go inside the petting zoo area.  What a brilliant idea!  Those goats get so aggressive - that's one thing I've always disliked about petting zoos.  Side note:  the Houston Zoo has an area where you can brush the goats and they are the most mellow animals I've ever seen.  Anyway, we fed the crazy animals, then decided to give mini-golf a try.  Jack used the club and hand method and made it all the way through 4 holes before losing interest.

After the goats and mini-golf, we headed straight for the GIANT sandbox.  We pretty much spent the rest of our time playing in the sand - it's Jack's favorite thing, plus it was nice and shady, and there were seats for the adults.  I call that winning.  Dennis went and got Pigger, Butt-Naked, and Zedee Bear out of the car so we could get pictures of them in the pumpkins, too.  Jack wasn't interested in the pumpkins at all (again, with the toddler opinions), but he was all about the driving the tractor.

this was about 1/16th the size of this sandbox - it was HUGE!

Jack is very serious about sandboxing

We had a great time out at 7 Acre Wood.  We've been to some other pumpkin patches and corn mazes over the years and this one is definitely a good one.  I always look for one that has more than just pumpkins and we like to make a day (or at least an afternoon) of it.  The sandbox was a huge hit and so was the tractor.  I look forward to coming back next year!!!


Sunday Confessions (on Monday)

I confess:  I had every intention of waking up extra early this morning to get a head start on my to-do list.  And I did wake up early.  And by wake up early I mean I hit my snooze button 10 times (that's 90 minutes just in case you're wondering), and by get a head start on my to-do list I mean I fell back asleep on top of the pile of clean towels I need to fold.  I am constantly winning at adulting.

I confess:  I had pork chops for breakfast yesterday.  And for lunch.  Then for dinner.  And there is a bag full of pork chops in my fridge.  I'm sorry piggies.  But you're delicious.  Excuse me while I schedule my bypass.....

I confess:  I am slightly obsessed with this video.  I'm not going to admit to how many times I've watched it, but her butt is mesmerizing.  Like, I really don't get twerking, but I'm fascinated with this video.  I just don't see how it's physically possible.  Like, how do you move your butt that much but still keep it relaxed enough to jiggle???  HOW DOES THIS EVEN WORK???  I'm just an unfrozen caveman lawyer; I'm frightened and confused by your modern dance moves.  Either way, I'm sure we can all agree on two things:  she's got skillz and those leggings are pretty bad ass.

That's all I've got to confess this week.  Do you feel the need to confess?  Go link up with The United States of Becky and read everyone else's confessions, too!

Anniversary 5.0






Sunday Confessions (on Monday)

United States of Becky

I confess:  I tried starting the Write 31 Days project at the beginning of this month.  I failed horribly.  I think I had a good idea, but it started out too much like a self-help book and I just wasn't able to keep up the tone of the series (and by keep up the tone, I mean I wrote one post and had a second half done in my drafts folder).  So I deleted my original post.  Yes, I said it, I deleted an already  published post.  It's the only time in the almost 5 years of blogging that I've deleted a post.  It felt weird to do it, but since I had exactly 0 intention of writing anything else on the topic (at least for a while and especially since I'm now 12 days behind), I figured it would be more disingenuous to leave it up than to take it down.

I confess:  My ADD got me like

I confess:  I've gained like 25 pounds in the last couple of months (mostly due to the stress and time commitments of getting my business started).  I'm now at just under my heaviest non-pregnant weight and only 15 pounds less than my heaviest pregnant weight.  And I am miserable about it.  My clothes don't fit, my body aches, and I just feel blegh.  *side note - when I just typed "blegh" no squiggly red line came up under it indicating a misspelling - now my ADD is gonna make me google that to see if it's actually a real word*  *yup - it's a real word*

Got anything to confess?  Go link up with The United States of Becky and see what everyone else is confessing!
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