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I confess:  I tried starting the Write 31 Days project at the beginning of this month.  I failed horribly.  I think I had a good idea, but it started out too much like a self-help book and I just wasn't able to keep up the tone of the series (and by keep up the tone, I mean I wrote one post and had a second half done in my drafts folder).  So I deleted my original post.  Yes, I said it, I deleted an already  published post.  It's the only time in the almost 5 years of blogging that I've deleted a post.  It felt weird to do it, but since I had exactly 0 intention of writing anything else on the topic (at least for a while and especially since I'm now 12 days behind), I figured it would be more disingenuous to leave it up than to take it down.

I confess:  My ADD got me like

I confess:  I've gained like 25 pounds in the last couple of months (mostly due to the stress and time commitments of getting my business started).  I'm now at just under my heaviest non-pregnant weight and only 15 pounds less than my heaviest pregnant weight.  And I am miserable about it.  My clothes don't fit, my body aches, and I just feel blegh.  *side note - when I just typed "blegh" no squiggly red line came up under it indicating a misspelling - now my ADD is gonna make me google that to see if it's actually a real word*  *yup - it's a real word*

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