Sunday Confessions (on Wednesday)

The United States of Becky

I confess I've developed this really annoying habit where I say everything to Jack twice in quick succession.  Like an echo or an annoying parrot:  "Time to pick up your toys, Jack.  Time to pick up your toys, Jack."  "Get your shoes on.  Get your shoes on."  "Did you have fun today?  Did you have fun today?"  "Squak Squak."  I have no idea why I've suddenly started doing this.  It's not like he can't hear or understand me, or that he's not listening and following directions.  And it's driving me crazy.  But I can't seem to stop. SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

I confess I went all Momma Bear this weekend on this slightly older kid that raised his fists at Jack out at the Renaissance Festival.  This older kid was trying to unlock the gate to the demonstration area where Dennis and Jack were working, and Jack pulled his sword glorified letter opener on the kid to defend his territory.  The kid tried to get Jack in trouble (and although we've been teaching Jack not to pull out his sword, I was kinda proud of him for standing his ground and not letting the other kid steam roll him - plus Jack was aiming at this kid's chest and not his face), so I told Jack that he needed to be careful with his sword and to not pull it on anyone.  A few minutes later, the same shitty kid tried to unlock the gate again and Jack stared him down.  In response this kid raised his fists at Jack and I was all ready to fight a 5 year old.  Instead, I put on my you don't fuck with my kid voice and scolded the other boy and he finally went away.  But I totally would've punched a 5 year old if necessary (not really - that's a joke).

I confess I'm a total '90's girl.  Grunge, plaid flannel, combat boots, baby doll dresses, thigh high tights, ripped jeans - I think you get the picture here - that fashion was my jam and I've been waiting for it to come back.  And, no, it doesn't matter that I just turned 35.  I'm rocking the '90s again.  I'm simultaneously super psyched that '90's fashion is finally coming back into style and really pissed off when I see teenagers wearing my signature style.  Like, those bratty teenagers just have no idea (but they look good!).  Now I'm off to go buy some flannel.

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