Top Ten of 2015

Peace out, 2015, I'm going to miss you and wish you would stick around for another day week or two (I'm not done with you!!!).  But since I have no choice but to forge ahead with 2016 - ready or not- here's my Top Ten List for 2015.  Every year I compile a top ten list of significant things that happened during the year.  My best friend Daniel started this when we were much (much) younger and it's a year end tradition I've kept up with pretty much my entire adult life.  Not a lot happened in our hometown and he was tired of everyone complaining about how they hadn't done anything that year, so he would make us come up with a list of 10 good things that happened in our lives that year.  The criteria for our Top Ten lists has changed to include 10 significant things that happened during the year (since some life changing events aren't exactly good, happy moments).  Without further ado, here's 2015's list (in no particular order).

1. STARTED MY OWN BUSINESS (whaaaaaaat!!!)
2.  went to the Incubus concert with Dennis and Jack
3.  dyed my hair purple and pink and orange, and red
4.  Ingress anomaly in Austin
5.  great baseball moments:  won tickets to a Skeeter's game, sat behind home plate at an Astro's game, and my Mets made it to the World Series!
6.  our front yard got dug up to have a water main replaced - it took four (five?) days and Jack was super excited about watching all the machines
7.  Jack got a big boy bed!
8.  Dennis and I participated in a bowling tournament for his work
9.  We met George Takei at Comicpalooza!
10.  I was lucky enough to attend Blog Eleveated even though it was out of town this year.

2015 was a really good year.  It wasn't as big and grand as some years (ahem, 2012), but it wasn't stagnant like some other years.  Since I'm terrible at just picking 10 things, here are some honorable mentions from this year: I kept on running but without as much dedication, gained weight - lots - I'm now tied for my heaviest non-pregnant weight, watched the Houston Marathon, did a lot of bike riding, Jack got tall enough to reach the rings on his own at the playground, Reed's third birthday gymnastics party, I attended all of the Houston Bloggers meetings, Bubbles for Kitty, continuted my photo an hour project, took Jack ice skating for the very first time.

I love reading everyone's Top Ten lists.  If you have one (or a year end post), please share them here!  I'll leave the link-up open all month!  Happy 2016!!!

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