Sunday Confessions 04

The United States of Becky

I confess:  I've been having this weird recurring dream where I'm dating J.J. Watt.  For those of you not in Houston, J.J. Watt is a sportsball player on the professional sportsball team here in Houston (can you tell how much I know about sports and sportsball in particular?).  Anyway, this dream is bizarre for many reasons.  J.J. Watt isn't an unattractive man, but he's not really my type, (why does he keep showing up in my dream - I mean, why not Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hiddleston, or Channing Tatum??? - also, J.J.  is a baby), my hair in these dreams is always on point (like I must have a professional hairdresser on call in my subconscious dream land), and when I'm with J.J. Watt, I'm always really confused as to where Dennis is.  GET OUT OF MY HEAD, J.J., I'M A MARRIED WOMAN!!!

I confess:  I finally took down my Christmas tree.  Yesterday.  I'm not proud of  it, but there, I said it.  I took down my Christmas tree on January 23rd, yes, almost a full month after Christmas.  This is a shining example of why I need those Three Words for 2016 so badly.

I confess:  I have three stray-ish kittens in my backyard that I need to find homes for, but they're really really cute, and I really like having them in my yard, so I'm dragging my feet on finding them homes.  Two are really friendly and one is like, fuck you (but keep feeding me).  Also, about a week ago, another random and unrelated kitten decided she needs to live in our backyard, too.  Help me!  I'm becoming the Crazy Cat Lady (again).

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