Sunday Confessions 05

The United States of Becky

I confess:  Dennis and I have finally started watching The Walking Dead {affiliate} and I'm so glad we've gotten around to it.  The first time we tried watching the series we got 3 episodes in and didn't like it at all.  Some of the characters seemed flat and there were some situations that were absolutely unbelievable to us (I'll buy zombies but not that you're sleeping with your husband's best friend weeks (months?) after the zombie outbreak), but now we can't wait for Jack to go to be so we can get in an episode or two.

I confess:  My best friend wants to take a girl's trip to Las Vegas.  I'm all in except for the fact that I've never been away from Jack - like ever - and I don't know who would take it worse, me or Jack.  But Vegas.  I think I need a girl's trip even if it means Jack and I both cry ourselves to sleep.  Also, I have no money.

I confess:  I take an embarrassingly long time to write my blog posts.  I can never seem to just sit down and crank out a post.  Even if Dennis and Jack aren't home to distract me, there are about a million other things that do and once I finally get into the zone and the writing is flowing, I usually have to switch gears.  ADD sucks.

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