Three Words

I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to formulate my resolutions for 2016.  While I think it's nice to have a clear idea of what I want to accomplish in the new year at the absolute beginning of the year, January 1st isn't some magical date where the slate is miraculously wiped clean and things start fresh (wouldn't that be nice!).  That miraculous clean slate can happen on any day of the year and can happen more than once per year (sweet!) so I'm taking my time to really decide what I want to get out of 2016.

Three words seem to stand out when I start thinking about the year ahead and I'm starting to think they're going to be my words of the year (that's still a thing, right?).  I just can't quit shake them and I think these words are going to help me shape my goals for 2016.  Or at least I hope they will, lol.

So what are these uber important words?  The three words that are going to help me shape my year and change my life and rule the world?  I bet you're dying to know, but let me tell you something first....just kidding.

My words for 2016 are focus, structure, and discipline.  These three things have been missing in my life since, oh, about the time I moved out of my parents house when I was 18.  And while I've been adulting in an adult like manner for some time now, I feel like I could stand to have some more adultier type adult habits in my life.  And that's where the words come in.

Focus.  While I don't have an official ADD diagnosis, I know for 100% that I'm ADD, and my brain is all over the place all the time.  There are so many ideas and things and projects and distractions that I rarely actually accomplish anything whether it be long term or short term.  Laundry half done?  Check!  Blog post half written?  Check!  Facebook?  Check!  Business plan started and not finished?  Check!  CinemaSins videos watched on YouTube?  Check!!  So my focus needs to not only be on the small tasks that keep me busy each day (and not on those shiny distractions), but on the bigger things I want to accomplish as well.  If I can learn to focus more fully and not multi-task/multi-distract it will allow me to better utilize my time, getting more done, and making my down time better earned and more fulfilling.

Structure.  If I'm going to focus more fully this year, I'm going to need more structure in my life (and possibly meds - okay, definitely meds, but structure, too).  I'm a pretty laid back, free spirit and I've gotten away with not having a traditional schedule for years now, but the truth of the matter is that I've gotten away with virtually having no structure to my day at all and just going where my day takes me (aside from work appointments) for a long time now.  I have to say, it's been pretty awesome in a number of ways, but my messy house, unfinished projects, scatterbrained ways, my husband, and the fact that I haven't taken over the world yet wouldn't agree that this system is so awesome.

Discipline.  Discipline is what I'll need to build and maintain a structure and schedule so I can be more fully focused on the goals I eventually decide on for this year.  I'm going to have to learn to say no to those pretty shiny distractions in the moment and reward myself with them after I've accomplished something (and I just typed this paragraph while switching back and forth between blogging, Facebook, and YouTube - I clearly need to work on this one).

This is going to be a slow and sometimes painful process (do I really have to get up with an alarm clock now???), but the initial discomfort of making these changes is going to be outweighed by achieving my (still to be laid out) goals and becoming successful.  I've been inching forward the past few years when I could and should be at least walking at a moderate pace towards what I want to accomplish.  But at least I'm not at a standstill.  It's time to get moving!!!

Do you have any words for 2016 or just life in general?  What things have worked for you to stay focused and build structure in your life?  Any grand plans for world domination?

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