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Happy Monday!  I'm super excited today to introduce a new feature here, Weekend Snapshots.  My friend Ariana over at 3twentysix has been featuring her Weekend Snapshots for forever and I've felt all inspired by her weekend coverage and convinced her we should collaborate and do a weekly link-up of snapshots (so if you want to get in on the action, the linky is at the bottom of the post and closes on Friday!).

My inaugural Weekend Snapshot (to borrow from Ariana) is brought to you by a selfie in the park on a gloriously sunny and cool Sunday afternoon.  My friend Jenny suggested we go out for a walk and I just couldn't refuse.

But first, let me tell you about Saturday.  We were still recovering from NYE and had a pretty low key day.  We all woke up at the same time and Jack helped me make coffee.  He LOVES helping in the kitchen and especially enjoys the Keurig {affiliate}.  I think it's the lever and buttons that he finds so appealing, plus it makes a little noise and fills up a cup.  I'll usually let him make some "coffee" for himself which is usually apple cider or hot chocolate - he even has his own little cup and goes "Mmmmmm, coffee good," whenever he takes a sip.  He really cracks me up!

We mostly lounged around the house and did a few chores, then headed to Home Depot to pick up some paint for a project I'm working on.  Jack's favorite place is Home Depot and is the only store he recognizes.  When I ask him where he wants to go it's always Home Depot.  He told Santa he wanted Home Depot for Christmas, and when he finds out we're headed to Home Depot he's always super excited (can we get this kid an endorsement deal???).

After Home Depot, we went to the Ingress First Saturday event at Oyster Creek Park.  It was cold and drizzly (my favorite), and Jack had a great time running around the park with us in the dark.  Oyster Creek Park is really nice and I hope to go back there during the day to see some of the art and statues there.  We had so much fun and got a chance to meet some opposing players - it's nice to put a face to an in-game name.  I was also excited to level up in Ingress at the event!!  Woot!

After First Saturday, we went to eat at the Cici's Pizza near the park.  Jack wasn't interested in the food so much and wanted to play video games instead.  Luckily, he thought he was playing this driving game while the previews were playing and it saved me some quarters.

Sunday, Dennis went to play Dungeons and Dragons {affiliate} with some of our friends.  I miss playing DnD, but we've been so busy lately and have had to ask my MIL to watch Jack more than usual that I just can't justify having her babysit for an additional full day every couple of weeks.  Instead, I planned to run some errands and get some chores done until my friend Jenny suggested we go for a walk in the park.  That was just too enticing an offer to pass up.  Errands and chores could wait on such a beautiful day!

Jack rode in the jogging stroller for about the first mile then decided that he wanted to run, too.  He ended up running/walking about a mile and a half that afternoon!!  I could tell he was so excited and proud to be running like all the other people in the park.  He kept yelling, "Jack running!  Jack running, fast!!!  Zoom!!!"

After the park we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Coco's Crepes and Coffee. And let me tell you that place is oh so yummy!  I ordered a Caramel Crisp Latte and a Smoked Salmon Crepe and I had to stop myself from licking the plate.  I want another one just writing about it!

This weekend was amazing and I couldn't think of a better way to start off the new year.  I'm also really looking forward to continuing with the Weekend Snapshots.  Make sure to share your posts in the link-up and check back next Monday for the next set of snapshots!  Have a happy week!!!

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