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Welcome to Week 2 of Weekend Snapshots!  This week's snapshots are brought to you by the park next door to where my parents lived when I was born (and my mom took me to literally every day for the first three years of my life).  I spent the weekend visiting my Mom and Sunday was too pretty not to take Jack for a run around the park.

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This weekend really started on Thursday when Jack and I drove from Houston to Shreveport.  I had just gotten on the freeway in Shreveport when my front driver side tire had a HUGE blowout.  It was super scary, but we were safe and everything turned out fine.  It took two hours to get the spare put on, though, and I had to pee the entire time.  Jack thought the whole thing was a fascinating adventure.

Friday Jack and I had to get the tire replaced.  We spent most of the day in our pajamas not doing much while my Mom went to work.  Jack had so much fun at the tire shop once we got there!  Especially with these three stacks of tires.  They were definitely his favorite.  He also got a kick out of his shoes squeaking on the linoleum flooring and we played a few games like only step on the colorful tiles or only step on the blue tiles.  I knew he needed to move around and play (two hours in a tire shop is tough on a toddler) and my challenge was keeping him from being that kid being all crazy in public.  I think we did pretty well.  He made friends with the three ladies also waiting for their cars to be worked on.  He's such a charmer!

After the tire was fixed, we went and visited my Mom at the used bookstore where she works.  Jack loves it there!  He "helps" my Mom put away books and plays with her in the aisles.  I missed the picture of Jack making my Mom lay down on the floor with him to "nap."  The two of them together is hilarious.

That night, Mom made BLTs with her homemade fries.  I somehow managed to stay within my calorie goal for the day even with this delicious meal.  Those homemade fries - I swear I could eat my weight in them.

Saturday I went for a run, only the jogging trail I usually run on was totally flooded.  The trail runs along the bank of the Red River and the river has been super high for months.  I ended up running from point a to point b and back to point a (then repeat) for 40 minutes to get my miles in.  I felt a little silly at first, but despite the cold weather, there were about 5 other people doing the exact same thing.  Jack ended up taking a 3 hour nap (yikes) that late afternoon and I was totally trapped under him.

Sunday we had so much fun!  Mom encouraged Jack to eat his breakfast by using these little plastic zombies that she got for Christmas.  He thought it was hilarious and he ate (without too many tears), so I call that a win.  After breakfast, he really wanted to paint his nails, so we broke out some polish.  He also painted Mom's hammer, her legs, and a couple of zombies.

Then it was time for the park.  This is the first time we've taken Jack to my childhood park.  He was brave enough to try sliding down the fireman's pole and was so excited about it.  Then we went running along the trail (I seriously have so many pictures and video of this it was hard to narrow down just a couple to post).  He would veer off the trail to run up and down the hills (and up and down and up and down), and then we found this huge tree limb that had fallen down.  Jack turned the tree branch into his house and invited Mom and I in for birthday cake.  I love toddler imaginations!

After the park we went to the supermarket for dinner supplies.  Mom and Jack rode the merry-go-round outside the store a few times when we were done.  It was really cold this visit so Mom decided to make her chili (my favorite!).  Jack loves to help in the kitchen and if you ask him, he's the one who cooked dinner that night.

This weekend was a really nice, laid back weekend.  Visits with Mom are always fun even if we don't do much.  Jack and Mom are BFFs and it's so much fun to watch them play together.

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