Weekend Snapshots 03

Hey ya'll!  I'm back again for Weekend Snapshots #3 with Ariana and our super awesome link-up (make sure to share yours, too)!  This week's snapshots are all about the Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half-Marathon!  I've been getting back into running and going out and watching everyone who ran the marathon and half-marathon is one hell of a way to get inspired!

On Saturday, we went to the YMCA to work out (Dennis surprised me with a family membership to the Y on Monday, and it's amazeballs - I'll have a post coming about that soon!).  Unfortunately, we got there after the childcare had closed for the day, and the indoor pool was closed because of thunderstorms in the area (which made no sense because it's an indoor pool, but whatever), so I was the only one able to workout.  Dennis was understandably upset, so we went to Frank's Pizza afterward for lunch, you know, to feed his sorrows.  I think Jack thought both pieces of pizza were for him.

After pizza, we went to the Marathon Expo (so I could feel like a "real" runner).  Dennis and Jack felt like runners, too, and we spent a few hours poking around all the vendor booths.  I found out about some really cool 5K races coming up (with finishers medals no less) that I want to participate in and got some new running stickers for my truck.  Jack had fun looking for our friend Jenny's name on the board of participants (even though he can't read).  He kept saying, "There's Jenny's name!  There's Jenny's name!"

Then it was home and time for tacos.  If you're going to cheat on your diet, you might as well have pizza and tacos on the same day.  Amiright?  Jack kept photo bombing my attempt at getting an Instagram worthy pic.  He's such a ham.

The next morning I was up at the ass-crack of pre-dawn to go watch all the marathoners and half-marathoners.  I knew people running in both races and wanted to get a good spot where the marathon route splits off from the half marathon route so I could see everyone.  I tried to get to the turn last year, but left the house too late and ended up not being able to get there.  Well, this year, I got there with plenty of time to spare (about an hour before the elite runners came by my spot).  Check out this video I took of the elites running past my spot.  OMGtheyaresofast!

After I finished watching all the runners (and handing out donut holes - runners love donut holes), I went home so Dennis could go play D&D with friends.  Jack and I just hung out and did chores the rest of the day.  Jack started getting the sniffles and running a fever, so we didn't do anything else.  Poor little man.

I had such a great time spectating at this year's marathon (even though I froze my butt off - it was 47 degrees out when I went home)!!  I saw all my friends who I knew were running (plus Amanda from Mommy Go Run).  Who knows, maybe next year I'll run the half.

We'd love to see what you were up to this weekend, so make sure to share your Snapshots in the link up (and if you want to include the linkup on your site, get the code here!)

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