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Happy Monday, everyone (or at least as happy as a Monday can be).  I hope your weekends were fabulous and that you took some fun snapshots to share with Ariana and I (because I'm loving this link-up!!!)  Today's Snapshots are brought to you by a hyper-focused cheese grating Jack.

This weekend was mostly uneventful - Dennis had to work so I decided I needed to take the time to do some much needed house cleaning.  Saturday, Jack and I didn't even leave the house, but that doesn't mean we didn't have a good time.  First thing on Saturday morning, Jack decided he was Bob the Builder {affiliate} and I was Bob's assistant, Wendy.  Naturally, I had to put Jack in his work shirt and tool belt.  This went on for most of the day.  Jack would say, "Mo-Wendy, I'm hungry," or "Mom-Wendy help me build."  My favorite was, "I'm going to work, Wendy.  Bye, Mommy!"

One of my big tasks on Saturday was to finally take down the Christmas Tree.  Yes, my Christmas tree was still up.  I'm not proud, but whatever, I've been busy.  Jack helped hold open the front door and made sure no cats escaped and was very proud of the fact.  He was also really excited to have access to his drum set again.

Jack found some cheese graters while I was putting away dishes and to get him to stop trying to grate the drawers, cabinets, chopping block, and door frames (and really anything else he could see), I agreed to let him grate cheese for lunch. He thought this was just about the coolest thing ever and grated almost an entire block of cheddar cheese.  Then on Sunday when I told him it was lunch time, he ran full speed into the kitchen and was all, "Grate cheese, Mommy!  Me grate cheese, Wendy!"

Saturday evening, I watched the Houston Ingress players create a memorial field art in the shape of a ladybug for a local Enlightened Agent who passed away.  The field art was cross-faction (meaning both opposing teams worked together to create it), and took almost 24 hours to fully complete (as well as weeks of planning).  I know that doesn't make much sense if you don't play Ingress (and you should totally check out the game - it is so much fun!!!), but field art of that magnitude takes a ton of cooperation and effort.  Anyway, I watched from home as the whole thing came together and made me feel all warm and fuzzy to be part of such an awesome gaming community.

Sunday was more house chores the first of which was cleaning the cat boxes.  There is a dark side to having six indoor cats.  We keep the boxes in a closet under the stairs that lead to the upstairs apartment and Dennis installed an exhaust fan to blow the cat smell out of the house, so thankfully our house doesn't smell like we have six indoor cats, but scooping litter in such a small area can really leave you feeling yucky, so I tried to sneak into the shower without Jack noticing (ha!), but that didn't work.  After the shower, Jack wouldn't let me get him dressed even though the house was chilly.  Instead, he insisted on curling up on some towels in front of the heater.  And that was a lot of exposition for one simple sentence about Jack in front of a heater....

Jack and I went to the grocery store that afternoon, and I got into a The Princess Bride {affiliate} quote off with an employee at Trader Joe's.  Can I just say that Trader Joe's is the best freaking grocery store ever??  I also happened to run into a chick I went to college with and haven't seen in like 12 years.  I didn't snap any pictures of that, though.  I do wish I'd gotten a selfie with the TJ's employee, though.  That night, we all watched a movie during dinner and Jack got all crazy when I tried to take his picture and was all, "No, Mommy, take my picture like this."

I have to say, it was nice having a weekend at home.  I didn't get as much done as I could have, but when do I ever get enough done?  I want to know what you did this weekend!  Make sure to share your Snapshots posts with us here and if you want the link up to show on your page, you can get the link here!

As an added bonus, check out this video of Jack stacking boxes before bed on Sunday.  So funny!

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