Katy Home and Garden Show

This weekend, I got to go to the Katy Home and Garden Show and interview HGTV and DIY Network personality, Matt Muenster (from Bath Crashers and Ellen's Design Challenge).  I took Dennis, Jack, and my MIL (Mimi) with me to enjoy the show and we had a good time.  We really love going to shows and expos and this one did not disappoint (and this is a sponsored post in case you didn't know - but all opinions are my own!).  Dennis has been hoping to either replace the crappy single pane windows in our house or get some kind of UV coating applied to reduce our electric bill in the summer and found a couple of really nice contractors (that weren't pushy or salesy) to get bids from and Jack had more candy from the vendors than would fit in his belly.

The interview with Matt was really informal and relaxed.  The Bajan Texan and Still Living the Dream were also at the interview and we all had a really nice round table conversation over coffee and cupcakes.  It felt like a coffee date with friends more than an interview with a TV personality.  My big question was how he felt about ripping out a perfectly good mid-century modern pink bathroom to make updates to it and he had an answer that almost felt reassuring to me.  It hurts my soul to see perfectly good vintage bathrooms getting ripped out on design shows and I always feel like the designers on the show are partially responsible for the overwhelming "need" that homeowners seem to have to gut such a historically relevant bathrooms.  I'll paraphrase his answer, but he acknowledged the integrity and quality of the work usually done in those mid-century modern homes (saying that of course, not all of the work was done well) and that when he redoes one, he makes sure the quality of the work he does is top notch and won't replace a classic bathroom with crap.  He also said that the climate of homeownership has changed - flipping houses isn't the norm anymore - people are buying their forever homes and the main focus when doing a remodel is what the homeowner wants out of the house and not what they think someone else might like (or not like) when possibly reselling the house.  His answer definitely gave me something to think about.

When the interview was over, Dennis, Jack, Mimi, and I finished exploring the expo.  I found some really cool nearby vacation/weekend trip spots I hope we can check out this summer and Jack got two new fire hats from the Katy FD.  Even though we don't have any huge home DIY projects going on (well other than the countless mostly finished projects) and don't even really have any plans for projects in the near future, but we were still able to find things at the expo that were relevant to us and useful (Dennis also picked up some local BBQ sauce that I can't wait to try).  Have you been to any home shows or other expos lately?  I'd love to hear about them!!!

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