Sunday (okay, early Monday Morning) Confessions 08

The United States of Becky

I confess:  I really want to be friends with our neighbors across the street.  They moved in not quite a year ago and I immediately liked them.  A young couple with a daughter just a couple of months younger than Jack and now a newborn boy.  But I'm not sure how to go about making friends with them without ending up being an annoying/weird neighbor.  So I make sure to try extra hard every time we happen to see each other outside and make things really awkward.  That should work, right?

I confess:  Even though I've been using weight machines to exercise since I was in middle school, I feel really intimidated by the weights at the Y for some reason.  There's nothing new or different about the weights there, so I don't know what my problem is.  We've been members for 6 weeks now, I've gone at least twice a week since we joined, and yet I can't 'muster up the courage to use the machines.  WTF, Jessica, get over it and lift some weights already.

I confess:  I don't know what else to confess this week.

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