Sunday Confessions 09

The United States of Becky

I confess:  I microwaved something in a plastic Tupperware container the other day.  I try really hard not to and I gripe at Dennis for doing the same thing, but I was having a bad case of the lazies and I don't cares.  I immediately worried that I'd get cancer while I wolfed down my leftovers, though.

I confess:  I really need to figure out a way I can make some substantial extra money like right now.  My massage business is slowly slowly slowly building steam, but the mortgage and bills still need to be paid.  I still love Jamberry, but online parties take a little more focus and effort than I have to spare right now and I don't really have anyone in Houston to host a home party right now.  I think next month I'm going to give Jamberry a bit more focus and see if I can strike a good balance.  I also have a collection of clothes and miscellaneous items I plan to sell, but I don't know if I want to use eBay, Etsy, or another online sales platform.  Either way, it's long past time I get off my butt and set up a store.

I confess:  I finally used the weight machines at the gym this week!!!  Dennis was off work and went to the Y with me twice!  We did arms the first day and legs the next.  Now that I know where the specific machines are located I feel much more confident using them alone.  It's funny, using the weight machines is kinda like riding a bike - you never really forget how.

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