Weekend Snapshots 05

Happy February, everyone!!!  We made it through the first month of 2016 - woooooooo!  We had a great end of the month this past weekend with a home and garden show, family lunch, and a random food and beer festival we stumbled on.  This edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the swingset at the park next to Saint Arnold Brewery here in Houston (and the fact that I can't be anywhere near a swingset and not swing).  Don't forget to link-up with me and Ariana this week (and if you want our nifty link-up widget to show up on your post, you can get the code here)

On Saturday, Dennis, Jack, my MIL (aka Mimi), and I headed out to the Katy Home and Garden Show.  Matt Meunster from Bathroom Crashers was a special guest speaker - we listened to his presentation and had fun looking at all the exhibitor booths.  Of course, Jack had the most fun playing outside by the food trucks.  He also got a brand new fireman's hat from the Katy FD (we now have enough fireman's hats for the whole family, lol).

Sunday was a relaxed day.  We spent the morning in our pajamas and made pancakes (I was too hungry to remember to get a pic of the food - ha!) and Jack kept climbing onto the back of the couch to pretend he was a cat.  That late morning/early afternoon, we got ready to pick up Mimi to go visit two of her brothers and some extended family members for lunch.  Dennis put a temporary tattoo on Jack and it seemed to bring out his inner rock star because he gave us an impromptu concert from the top of the car when we got to Mimi's.

Lunch was amazing and if I keep eating like that I'm not going to lose any weight.  But who am I to say no to tacos and tamales?  Especially when they're homemade!  After lunch, Dennis, Jack, and I took a nice walk around the block.  The neighbor's dog saw Jack and was like, "Hey, Tiny Human, I like you, let's be friends," and walked the block with us.  When we got back to the house, the other neighbor's cat made friends with Jack, too.  I swear, he's the animal whisperer.

On our way home, we took a wrong turn and ended up stumbling on some beer and food festival outside of Saint Arnold Brewery.  We didn't have anything else to do so we decided to investigate.  Things were just closing down as we got there, but there was a small park next door, so we played for a while.  Dennis and Jack dug in the gravel and any time I'm near swings, you know that's where you'll find me.

We did a little urban exploring and found this really cool mural on the side of the city impound lot.  I guess if you're having to get your car out of lockdown at least there's some neat art to look at - softens the blow, maybe?  We were also able to get really close to a couple of freight trains that went by.  I love trains and was probably more excited than Jack at being so close.

We had so much fun this weekend.  It was low key and not overly busy.  I'm glad we got to spend some time with Den's extended family (which we should do more often).  We didn't plan on the beer fest or the urban exploring, but that made it even more fun and enjoyable.  And also something we should do more often.  How was your weekend?  We'd love to see what you were up to!!!

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