Weekend Snapshots 07

This edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by Jack rocking some serious air guitar skills at the playground on Sunday.  In fact this entire Weekend Snapshot post is brought to you by Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!  Because I didn't take a single picture on Saturday (gasp!).  Dennis was off work and I opened my work schedule up and ended up working all day on Saturday - or rather I had 4 clients scheduled and 2 no-showed on me so I was too grumpy to take any pictures once I was done working (and nothing noteworthy happened on Saturday anyway).

Sunday was Valentine's Day and I told Dennis I wanted to eat sushi and ride the train at Hermann Park.  We slept in late, lazed around the house, and finally got our butts moving mid-afternoon.  Our first stop was HEB for some sushi to take to the park.  HEB has this slot machine thing for kids and Jack is obsessed with it.  You get HEBucks from the cashier, then use the bucks to play the machine.  You win points and once you've collected enough points, you can redeem them for a prize (Jack was an instant winner of some bubbles the night before).  I know he doesn't understand the collect points part, but he's super excited every time the machine prints out his point sticker.  I'm'a have to keep this kid away from Vegas #itsnotaproblemicanstopatanytime

After our sushi run, we drove around Hermann Park, but the crowds were cray-cray and I wasn't willing to troll for a parking space and then beat my way through throngs of Valentine's Day people just to ride the train, so we went to the park near our house instead.  Hermann Park is 445 acres, our park is maybe 1-1.5 acres (but hardly anyone was there!  Win!).  Jack went straight for the playground and I had to tear into the sushi - I'd been craving it all week long.  I highly recommend the San Antonio roll from HEB!

Later Jack wanted to watch some older kids play basketball (and had to play some air guitar) and then we tried to teach Jack how to play hide and seek.  He kept peeking, though, the dirty little cheater.  We'd all take turns being It and hiding behind the trees.  Lots of laughter was involved.  Once we tired ourselves out at the park, we went home and did some chores (fun, I know). It was a very low key weekend.

At home, Jack kept pretending this box was his spaceship and that he was sleeping on the roof of his spaceship.  Then he stole my phone and tried to take pictures of me petting Monster.  He's quite the photographer - I should really do a post of nothing but his pictures someday.  Once Jack finally went to bed, Den and I stayed up way too late binge watching season 3 of The Walking Dead - side note:  if you binge watch a show about the zombie apocalypse, you *might* end up having zombie nightmares for several nights after.

How was your Valentine's Weekend?  Make sure to link-up with me and Ariana so we can see your snapshots, too!

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