Weekend Snapshots 08

Happy Monday!  Welcome to the 8th edition of the Weekend Snapshots link-up with Ariana of 3TwentySix!  This week's snapshots is brought to you by Jack striking an epic pose with the bird house he made with Mimi.  What were we up to this weekend?  Well, Dennis was on his overnight shift and while I usually go visit my Mom to get out of the house so Den can sleep during the day, I decided to delay my trip by a week so I could attend the amazing class on Instagram photography that Ariana was teaching on Saturday.  So totally worth it!!!

Saturday's class was held at the Thinking Girl's Boutique here in Houston.  It's a great space for workshops and has some totally adorable clothes, accessories, and goodies for sale (if I had all of the money, I would've bought all of the things).  Ariana's class was fun, laid back, and super informative.  I met some new people and a couple of ladies I'm friends with on FB but haven't actually met in person (social media, yo).  Plus, it's been like two freaking years since I've seen Ariana in person - even though we both live in Houston. That just goes to show how crazy big Houston is.

One of the new ladies I met was Sharon from The Bitchy Business Briefs, she was totally awesome and she bought this super cool fruit tray from Yumis Decorations that had the Instagram app icon carved onto the side of a watermelon.  Not only was the fruit tray beautiful, but it was also delicious - they shouldn't have put it so close to me - I couldn't keep my hands off it!

Jack spent the afternoon with Mimi so I could take my class and they made a birdhouse out of cardboard.  It was a beautiful afternoon when I went to pick him up, so we spent some time playing hide and seek (which Jack calls the Counting Game, lol).  He ran around so much that he totally passed out in the car on the way home - then stayed asleep when I carried him inside.  He only woke up to eat then went back to bed.  Maybe he should run around like a maniac more often!

When we got home on, there were two boxes waiting for us from my Mom.  She sent us a ton of goodies for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter!  The funniest thing in the package was a heart shaped box of beef jerky with Sasquatch on the front and lined with fur for Dennis.  When I was reaching into the big box she sent, my first thought was, "Did she send me a Donald Trump toupee?!"

Sunday, Mimi took us to the mall to get Jack some new shoes.  We parked by Sears and Jack was super interested in the lawn mower display as we walked through the store.  Then he found a Jack sized chainsaw in the clearance section and tried to convince me that he needed it, "It make me happy, Mommy.  Peeeeeease?"  Sorry, kiddo, you're not quite ready for that kind of power.  I really should've taken some pics of Jack trying on shoes because he strutted around with each pair on, but I didn't. #fail  He came away from the shopping trip with three new pairs of shoes, though.  THREE!!!

After Jack went to bed, I tried my hand at some staged photography of his new shoes.  I don't think I did too bad for a first try.  If I don't practice I won't learn and I already have some ideas for how to make these staged stock type photos better.

There you have it!  We had a great weekend - how was yours?  We'd love to see your posts, so make sure to link up with us - the link-up is open until Friday night!  And if you want the link-up to appear in your post, you can grab the code here!

Make sure to link-up with us and to check out everyone's posts!  Hope you have a great week!!

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