Weekend Snapshots 09

Happy Leap Day!!!  This extra day of the year and this edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by Jack and his new toy chainsaw.  We had quite a weekend visiting my Mom and I am super tired out from our trip and drive back today (which is why I'm so late getting this post done).  We always try to pack in as much fun as possible on our trips and come home happy and exhausted.  As always, this link-up is hosted by me and Ariana, so make sure to add your posts to the link-up so we can share the love!

This weekend started with our drive to Shreveport on Thursday.  As luck would have it, the alternator on my truck went out about halfway there and we broke down on the side of the road.  After many phone calls and different ideas, I finally called a tow company (Billy Ross Towing and Repair in Nacogodoches, TX - who I would highly recommend) to come help.  I assumed I'd have to be towed to a repair shop, get a hotel room to stay overnight, wait the next day to get my truck fixed, and then finally be on my way, but instead, Billy was able to fix my alternator and send me on my way that same evening!!!  By the time we made it to my Mom's Jack was talking about the tow truck and having to get our "autor-nater" fixed.  He made sure his "lawn motor" was in tip top shape once we got there.

Friday, I got some bloggy work done and Jack decided that the best place to be was inside my shirt and we became the two headed Mommy-Jack monster.  We played with some dinosaurs and zombies and then Jack helped with some work in the shop out back.  He finally took a nap, then set up his "Hanny Manny Pair Lhop" (Handy Manny Repair Shop) out back.

Saturday was more Mommy-Jack monster time before going to visit my Mom at the bookstore and running some errands.  I made sure to get in a run at sunset along the riverfront.  I can tell I'm getting better at running - this is the longest distance I've run in Shreveport (other than actual organized 5Ks) and my times are getting really consistent.  My goal is to consistently run 5Ks under 40 minutes this year.  If I push myself just a tiny bit harder I'll be in that range easily.

Sunday, Jack and Mimi made some volcanoes before we went to ToysRUs and bought too many toys.  My mom loves to spoil Jack and that's exactly what a Mimi should do!  After seeing last weekend's snapshots, Mom decided that Jack needed his own chainsaw.  We spent most of the rest of the afternoon being dismembered and put back together.  Of course, we had to watch the Oscars, but I didn't get any pics of that.  I'm super happy Leo finally won - he's such a great actor and had such a wonderful speech.

What did you do this weekend?  Did you watch the Oscars?  What did you think of the winners?  Did you happen to break down by the side of the road, too?  Be sure to link up with us and tell us all about it!!!

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