Day in the Life, March 1, 2016

Welcome to March and Happy National Pig Day!  Well, today isn't National Pig Day, but March 1st was and that's when I took my Day in the Life pics, so Happy National Pig Day!  March 1st was a typical work day for me.  I got up early to do some bloggy stuff, dropped Jack off at my MIL's, saw a client, did more bloggy work, and stayed up too late (as usual).  I felt a little busier than usual and I'm not sure if that was because I spent some time spinning my wheels in an ADD fog and was using a lot of energy to try to stay focused or if it was because I was actually busy.  Either way, here's what my day looked like.

6:30 am
Coffee and flying pigs

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7:30 am 
someone is up early

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8:30 am

9:30 am
I voted!  Jack got rewarded with a trip to the playground at the polling location

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10:30 am
we went to visit Dennis at work - this is a submarine in the lobby

11:30 am
Jack's beanstalk at Mimi's is really growing!

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12:30 pm
lunch - leftover shrimp fried rice

1:30 pm
the kittens I really need to find a home for
they keep me company while I wait for my client

2:30 pm
I got the date wrong for my client so I went inside to do some blog work
Jack tied his Valentine's balloon to my laptop unbeknownst to me

3:30 pm
working on a product review

4:30 pm
I am clearly not a professional photographer

5:30 pm
working on my editorial calendar for March

6:30 pm
I clearly show my lack of self control

7:30 pm
one of the outdoor kittens broke into my house
she's the only one who won't let me touch her
none of my cats helped us find where she was hiding

8:30 pm

9:30 pm
I don't know what came over me

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10:30 pm
The Walking Dead

I'll admit, we binge watched a couple (three?) episodes of The Walking Dead.  I didn't think it was necessary to keep taking pictures of the opening credits each hour.  OMG, we are so loving this show.  We're halfway through the third season and can't wait to catch all the way up.  I don't know what we're going to do once we've made it through all the seasons and have to watch the episodes in real time!!!

All in all, it was a very long, busy day.  I feel like I actually got some things accomplished, though.  My ADD (still officially undiagnosed) has been putting me through the ringer lately. I need to work on some routines and checklists to keep myself on track.  I hope your month started off as well as mine did.  What were you up to on National Pig Day?  Did you do anything to celebrate?

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