It's My Day

A million years and another lifetime ago, I was an aspiring actress.  I haven't acted in 4 years - the last theatrical production I was in closed 4 years ago almost to the day - and it happened to coincide with me getting pregnant with Jack - not that that's the only reason I haven't been acting.  Yesterday, I got a bizarre phishing phone call from someone claiming to be a producer who was calling me on behalf of an Italian director who saw a short film I did almost 8 years ago and wanted to cast me as the lead actress in a period biopic to be filmed in Europe.  I'm not even going to get into all the red flags that went up in this brief conversation (no personal info was shared) and I'm pretty sure it wasn't a phishing call and was more along the lines of me being targeted for human trafficking, but that's another post for another day.  My point is that I had a tiny roll in a short film that was put together as a part of the Houston 48 Hour Film Project almost 8 years ago, and that project hasn't crossed my mind in ages.  Until that creepy phone call yesterday.  So I looked it up on YouTube and watched it again.  And you should, too.

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