Jamberry Mother's Day Gift Sets ~ Get them while you can!!!

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Once again, Jamberry has put together three amazing Mother's Day Gift Sets!  Makes shopping for Mother's Day so much easier when all you have to decide is which set to deliver to Mom - you don't even have to get dressed to get Mom an amazingly unique and fun gift!  I call that winning!  I am swooning over these gift sets - The Little Things, Packs a Punch, and The Two of Us.  Each set has a variety of wraps to create adorable mixed manis and of course can be worn alone and includes some exclusive designs you can only get as part of the gift set.  They're only available while supplies last, and Jamberry exclusive sets usually sell out, so don't wait to get these on your hands - they will go fast!  Also, check out my Mystery Hostess Party going on until Sunday night over on Facebook, and you could win free nail wraps!!!

The Little Things

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The Little Things set includes 2 catalog wraps, Creme de la Creme and Brooklyn Bridge both in the new Luster finish, and 2 exclusive wraps, Color Washed and Fine Lines.  The set comes in a special Mother's Day gift envelope.  I think this set is sophisticated, trendy, and a little bit edgy.

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Packs a Punch

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 Packs a Punch set also includes 2 catalog wraps, White& Black Polka and With a Kiss, and 2 exclusive wraps, Pop Art Fusion and Ka-Pow!.  This set comes in a special Mother's Day gift envelope, too.  I'm totally in love with this fun and funky set!

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The Two of Us

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The Two of Us set includes 5 (yes, five!) wraps and they're all exclusive to this set!  Three wraps, Botanical Bliss, Alpine Meadow, and Garden Breeze are standard size, and two wraps, Flour Hour and Wildflower are junior sized so you can put together an adorable Mommy & Me mani with your little one!  This set is sweet and whimsical and perfect for Spring!

the two of us, mother's day, gift set, jamberry, exclusive, jamberry juniors, mommy and me, jamberry consultant

Which set do you like the best?  I'm crushing on Packs a Punch like crazy!!!  Make sure to order your gift set before supplies run out - your mom will thank you!!!

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